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After 36 years of sports handicapping, I have a habit of revisiting my previous picks to learn how to improve. Let's revisit Week 2 of NFL Preseason to see how our betting systems did.


Is a 90% success rate too good to be true in sports betting? Our expert consultant, Joe Gavazzi shares a handicapping secret as valuable as a gem when it comes to placing NFL picks!


Losing money with your sports picks can wreak emotional havoc on you. However, is it worth all the trouble? Here's the first of an 8 part series that will help you deal with your emotions.

- In this second part of this 8-piece article I'll cover how expectations are your worst enemy when betting sports, and how you can eliminate these to make yourself a winner!

In this third part of the 8 series I'm working on, I'll analyze why GSM, which means (G)ame (S)election (M)anagement, is the most critical element in the handicapping process.


So far in our 8-part handicapping series, we have covered emotional control, expectations and game selection management. This time we'll cover faith and hope as integral factors to take note of.

- This article is a must-read if you want to enhance your sports betting experience. In part five of this series, I will share with you how to stop chasing losses & multiply your profit.
- In part 6 of our sports betting articles, we will explain how fear doesn't have to dictate our life decisions. Get rid of your emotional conditioning and start betting like a pro without fear!
- In this article I'll explain how good a 57% winning percentage is so that you can understand how to avoid letting your emotional response to winning and losing overwhelm you.

Do you know the telling signs of the beginning stages of a losing streak? I break down the notion of Random Variance in sports betting, and share advice for how to face the almost-inevitable.


You’re always safe raising pocket Aces preflop in no-limit hold ‘em. But a smart poker strategy will include the occasional smooth call. We’ll tell you when and why, and what to do when the flop hits.


Once you’ve learned ABC poker, it’s time to take off the training wheels. The next level of poker strategy is all about your opponents and what makes them tick.

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