TonyBet agrees to pay player in bonus complaint

Sportsbook Review reported on September 22 that a TonyBet Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) player filed a bonus complaint.

The player deposited €400 in exchange for a 50% bonus up to €200.

The player made 15 wagers with the online sportsbook before having his wagering limits slashed to €1. Limiting a player to next to nothing is a violation of good faith when a bonus is involved IF the sportsbook intends to not A. cut the player loose, or B. cash him out with all winnings and a prorated percentage of the bonus.

TonyBet has addressed the complaint with SBR and agreed to pay the player his winnings.

SBR has followed up with the player and asked him to confirm when he is all set.

TonyBet also addressed the sportsbook complaint filed by a player who failed a phone quiz and lost her balance. The online sportsbook went back and listened to the recording of the call and claimed that it became apparent the player's boyfriend, who previously had an account with TonyBet, had placed the wagers. The player allegedly could not answer several questions regarding the play. TonyBet stands by the confiscation.

TonyBet was downgraded to D- after seizing €3,000 in winnings from a winning casino player.

TonyBet players in need of assistance are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint.




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