Scam Alert: MB24 accepting deposits but not paying players

An MB24 Sportsbook (SBR rating F) player has filed a complaint with SBR against the online sportsbook.

The player recently deposited €100 to the online sportsbooks and noticed he could not make any wagers, so the player attempted contacting the online sportsbook and received no answer to his queries. The case is outstanding.

Sportsbook Review reported on July 25 that the online sportsbook resurfaced accepting player registrations.

Prior to this, MB24 was lowered on the scam website blacklist from D- to F for going off-line without paying all players.

MB24 has a long history of cheating players: The sportsbook was originally blacklisted when they operated as Mobibet and confiscated thousands from winning players who were accused of being bonus hunters.




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