GR88 Sportsbook Player Waits for Remainder of Balance

Sportsbook Review reported on June 10 that a GR88 (SBR rating D) player received half of his balance (approximately £1,977) after initially fearing he was not being paid by the sports betting website.

SBR contacted GR88 concerning the player's complaint and was told that the player's activity was being investigated following verification of his ID documents.

The GR88 sportsbook manager who initially spoke with SBR has since been in touch indicating that the sportsbook is sending the remaining half of the player's balance.

SBR has asked the player to confirm when he receives the remainder of his funds.

A second GR88 complaint regarding a €990 payout from a player accused of foul play is pending. In this complaint, a player detailed having made eight wagers prior to being told the online sportsbook had irrefutable evidence of his misconduct.

GR88 players in need of sportsbook assistance should file a sportsbook complaint form.




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