GR88 Manager Updates SBR on Twitter Complaint

A manager with GR88 Sportsbook (SBR rating D) has updated SBR on the dispute reported yesterday involving a player who said he was accused of masking his IP after contacting a representative via Twitter.

The player was concerned he would not be paid his £4,351 balance after his payout request was delayed for reasons he did not comprehend.

GR88 has informed SBR that following the conclusion of their internal fraud investigation, the player's withdrawal request has been approved and that the funds will be sent shortly.

GR88 did not expand on the alleged accusation the player shared, nor was any mention made on if the player is allowed to continue to play with GR88 or if he has been cleared from what their initial findings may have been.

However, SBR has followed up with the player and asked him to confirm when he receives payment from the online sports betting website.

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