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Week one of college football is in the books and the NFL season kicks off next week.

Players shopping for a new online sportsbook to call home can read in-depth reviews on the top online sportsbooks serving their jurisdiction using the best sportsbook reviews directory.

Players can find bonuses, wagering limits, platform information, and more.

For a full list of features and sportsbooks, use the sportsbook rating guide. SBR cautions players to avoid online sportsbooks that are in lesser standing with players and display lower SBR ratings. 216 sportsbooks rated from A+ down to F are listed by SBR.

Online sportsbooks in the D to F range are listed in the sportsbook blacklist. These are sportsbooks that have demonstrated poor service consistently, slow payouts, and unjust handling of winning players throughout their histories.

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Posters' Poll Pts Rating
#1 5Dimes 675
#2 Heritage 665
#3 Bookmaker 380
#4 Pinnacle 310
#5 BetOnline 165
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