BetMayor Casino Complaint Triggers Memory of Oddsmaker Scams

Sports betting website Oddsmaker Sportsbook (SBR rating F) has confiscated more than $250,000 from winning players.

Players have reported that their funds have been confiscated on the grounds that they are "professional" players and that they have violated terms and conditions by winning, much like the recent $51,000 complaint against BetMayor.

The bizarre and unethical provision is identical to the one used by all Futurebet software sites and reads as follows:

"Player's participation in the Gaming System is personal and not professional. reserves the right to limit steam plays and wise guy action."

The giant problem with this approach is that it is in direct conflict of the age old industry standard of "you book the bet, you pay the bet". A sports betting site cannot accept wagers and then choose not to pay.

Oddsmaker Sportsbook players in need of payout assistance are encouraged to write to SBR at




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