Bet With Your Head and Avoid Crappy Sportsbooks

It is a losing proposition to consider playing with any of the online sportsbooks displayed on the betting sites blacklist. Sportsbooks on the blacklist are rated from D- to F.

D- sportsbooks are considered extreme slow-pay outfits and companies that have dealt with players unfairly in the past. High profile examples include, which takes over eight weeks to pay by way of cheque, and has confiscated over $100,000 in parlay wins from players.

OddsMaker (SBR rating F) has confiscated over $250,000 from players because they were not considered suckers that were likely to lose money over the long haul.

Sports gamblers know that it can be hard enough to correctly predict the outcome of sporting events, let alone have to worry about an online sportsbook paying without incident.

Many sportsbooks like to say that the reason they cannot pay in a timely fashion is because of processors that are outside of their control. However, the industry's best sportsbooks have found a way to navigate through these hurdles and pay players.

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Posters' Poll Pts Rating
#1 Heritage 950
#2 5Dimes 825
#3 Bookmaker 390
#4 Pinnacle 355
#5 BetDSI 350
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