News on scam sports betting operations, events and business deals within the offshore sports gambling industry. Sportsbook closes player's account citing multi-accounts


A sportsbook complaint has been received against A player has claimed that he deposited €50 to the Russian betting site and increased his balance to €780. Within one week of opening his account with, he has reported that his account has been closed on the grounds that he has violated their terms and conditions on multiple accounts. The allegation means that believes that the player is operating more than one account; typically, players who are guilty of creating multiple accounts do so to receive an extra sportsbook bonus or to circumvent wagering limits. For example, if a sportsbook allows up to a $5000 limit on a given fixture, you might register an additional account in someone else's name and make a wager on the same match. These are just two of the most common examples. However, the player has denied having multiple accounts and claims to have done nothing wrong.  He has not specified if his €50 deposit was returned. Sportsbook Review is collecting more information from the player and will contact the Russian sportsbook. Players with feedback on are encouraged to write to

Dimeline Sportsbook user submits positive feedback


A Dimeline Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) player has written in via email passing along his feedback. The player claimed that he successfully withdrew $230 from the sportsbook and has had an account for five years. The player mentioned reading SBR newswires which documented slow-pay complaints and poor service from the betting site, and wanted to highlight that he has not had this experience. Sportsbook Review welcomes feedback from Dimeline Sportsbook players. Players with stories to share, good or bad, are encouraged to write to SBR by submitting a sportsbook feedback form.

Monday Night Football Contest: Win gift card


Sportsbook Review invites users to to take part in the "Predict the Score for Pizza" Monday Night Football contest. Contestants must predict the correct final score outcome of Monday night's Washington Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys game; with the exactl total for each team. The winning reader will be sent their choice of a $15 pizza eGift card from Papa Johns, Dominos, or Pizza Hut.

Marathonbet player shut out from account


A Marathonbet (SBR rating B) player has filed a sportsbook complaint. The player has taken issue with Marathonbet's procedure of enforcing their Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. The player claims to have previously verified his account ID with the sportsbook, but has found that his account has been locked from withdrawal. | Marathonbet complaint

BetUS sportsbook complaint

BetUS Sportsbook complaint closure, SBR video update


Sportsbook Review reported earlier this week that a BetUS Sportsbook player (SBR rating D+) submitted a payout complaint. The player claimed that he was unable to withdraw a $700 balance. He was under the impression that nothing could be done and he had no option to receive his funds. The SBR investigation revealed it was not that complicated. | BetUS complaint broken down

Read Gambling Commission statement

Isle of Man Gambling Commission changes tune on Bet2Be cases


Sportsbook Review reported yesterday that the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission made a token acknowledgement of the large number of Bet2Be sportsbook complaints. The brief statement essentially regurgitated what many gambling commissions claim, that player funds are verified as safe and kept away from operating expenses. | Read new statement

Bitcoin sportsbook report

Bitcoin value on the move, Nitrogen Sports update


Sportsbook Review reported two weeks ago that bitcoin dropped to a new low of $325 for October 2014. Since that time, BTC has picked up some steam and settled around $360 as of this morning. Despite the overall decline in value, interest among sports bettors continues to be high. Sportsbook Review met yesterday with Nitrogen Sports (SBR rating B) executives. | Bitcoin report

BetAtHome player has €800 in limbo


A BetAtHome Sportsbook (SBR rating C-) player has filed a complaint. The player has claimed his account was blocked by BetAtHome one month ago. He deposited €100 and increased his balance to €800 before his account was closed. He has claimed he is unaware what he has done to merit the account closure or how to proceed with withdrawal. SBR is investigating.

BetUS Sportsbook complaint

BetUS complaint highlights importance of KYC process


A BetUS Sportsbook (SBR rating D+) player has submitted a payout complaint. He has a $700 balance and is attempting to receive his first withdrawal from the betting site. He deposited via credit card five months ago, but has never verified the card through an authorization form. He claims he is presently stuck and unable to be paid. | BetUS complaint

Bet2Be Sportsbook report

Isle of Man Gambling Commission acknowledges Bet2Be complaints


Sportsbook Review recently reported on betting site Bet2Be (SBR rating D) and the 25 slow-pay complaints on file. Players are owed roughly $30,000. SBR analysts followed up with the Gambling Supervision Commission in Isle of Man to discuss the complaints, which also include wagering disputes. | Commission statement

Sportsbook Review launches $5,000 NBA Regular Season Contest


Sportsbook Review invites readers to participate in the $5,000 NBA regular season contest announced tonight. The betting competition is free to play and runs on the SBR Contests software which dynamically tracks and scores picks. In addition to the $5,000 in season-ending cash to the top 10, monthly prizes will be distributed through SBR loyalty points for the top 10 through the NBA regular season. | How to play

GR88 Sportsbook bonus complaint: Winnings docked after rollover


A GR88 Sportsbook (SBR rating D) player has filed a bonus complaint. The player stated that he received a sign-up bonus, completed all requirements, but after attempting to make his first withdrawal he was told that he was ineligible to receive the bonus and his winnings were forfeited. Sportsbook Review is following up on the bettor's complaint.

Betway Sportsbook pays player in country dispute


Betway Sportsbook (SBR rating C+) has paid the player with the country dispute originally reported by SBR on September 28. In summary, a player registered for Betway entering the wrong country of residence: He selected his birth country rather than where he resided at the time, causing a temporary account suspension. | Betway dispute summary

Majority of spread bets on Pittsburgh; Houston ML dropping


Pinnacle Sports (SBR rating A+) has indicated that a majority of pointspread bets on tonight's Monday Night Football game have been in favor of Pittsburgh Steelers against the spread of 2.5 points (must win the game by 3). Despite the lopsided percentage of overall spread bets -—64.4% vs 35.6 as of late this afternoon — there has been a big shift in the pricing of the Houston Texans moneyline; SBR Odds shows Pinnacle opened at +158 ($100 bet pays $158) and has dropped to +129 two hours before kickoff. Sports bettors keen on wagering the game and looking for a variety of exotic bets are encouraged to use the NFL Prop bets page at Sportsbook Review.

Canbet Sportsbook report

Canbet Sportsbook players owed at least $1.5 million


Canbet Sportsbook players have reported being owed $1.5 million. The betting site suspended its service on 31 December 2013 as it was no longer able to pay players. Players held out hope at the time as Canbet claimed to be actively shopping the sportsbook around and a potential acquisition was in the cards; no acquisition materialized and Canbet was later blacklisted. | Canbet report

Bet2Be Payout Complaints: Three new reports


Three new Bet2Be Sportsbook (SBR rating D) complaints have been received. This increases the number of Bet2Be players with pending withdrawal complaints to 20. The players are owed nearly $30,000. Sportsbook Review reported last week that two players reported payment from the betting site. | Bet2Be complaints

Monday Night Football contest: Win Pizza


Sportsbook Review invites users to participate in the "Predict the Score for Pizza" Monday Night Football contest. Users must predict the exact final score outcome of Monday night's Houston Texans vs. Pittsburgh Steelers game; with the exactly correct total for each team. The winning reader will be sent their choice of a $15 pizza eGift card from Papa Johns, Dominos, or Pizza Hut.

Update on Youwager Sportsbook connectivity


Update 2:25pm ET: Youwager has advised players to log into sister site with their same credentials if they are still having trouble connecting to Youwager directly. A Sportsbook Review forum reader has posted that he cannot access his Youwager Sportsbook (SBR rating B+) account. SBR has confirmed that Youwager is currently off-line and is following up with the betting site for more information.

Pinnacle Sports implements new password requirement for all accounts


Pinnacle Sports (SBR rating A+) has implemented new password requirements to improve security. Upon logging in players will receive a prompt to reset their passwords, using a minimum of 8 characters, a special character, a number, and no capital letters. Players with questions on the procedure of resetting their password should email Pinnacle support at

NJ Sports betting report

NJ Governor Christie signs sports betting legislation AB 3711


New Jersey State Senator Raymond Lesniak took to Twitter this afternoon to break the news that NJ Governor Chris Christie has signed his sports betting legislation bill. Assembly Bill 3711 empowers NJ to proceed with its multi-year plan of having sports wagers accepted at licensed casinos and racetracks in the Garden State. | View NJ Sports betting report

BetButler Sportsbook still off-line, SBR iGaming News video


In today's sportsbook news video broadcast, host Natalie covers recent topics from the SBR newswire, including BetButler Sportsbook remaining off-line following the loss of their UK gambling license. BetButler players are in limbo and uncertain on the fate of their account balances. SBR will provide updates as information develops. | Sportsbook News report taking 12 days to process P2P?


A (SBR rating D+) player has written with a general payout complaint. The user has stated that he was told that Person to Person withdrawals are taking an average of 12 days to be processed. Generally, betting sites are able to process same day withdrawals through this method provided a request is submitted early enough during normal business hours. | SportsbettingOnline complaint payout feedback wanted


An (unrated) player has claimed that a $300 withdrawal requested three weeks ago has yet to be paid. The player confirmed sending his ID documents to satisfy the betting sites' KYC process, but he has yet to be paid the eWallet withdrawal. SBR is collecting information on the Russia facing betting site. players with payout feedback are encouraged to write to

Five new Bet2Be complaints filed, two payouts made


Five new Bet2Be complaints have been received. Sportsbook Review reported Tuesday that 25 payout complaints have been submitted by players, and that six players reported payment after lengthy delays. Bet2Be was assessed with an initial sportsbook rating of D by SBR, and could face additional downgrades if payouts do not improve. | Bet2Be complaints

InstantActionSports complaint update

InstantActionSports player frustrated by lack of payout choices


The InstantActionSports (SBR rating D+) player who SBR reported has been waiting for a $5,000 payout since July is seemingly out of options. He originally requested $5,000 through interbook transfer but this request was stalled and eventually cancelled. He has since tried and failed to withdraw his funds through other methods and has a $27,000 total balance. | InstantActionSports update

BetButler closure report

BetButler remains off-line, history repeats itself?


BetButler (SBR rating C+) is off-line. The UK Gambling Commission revoked BetButler's license last month following the betting site suspending its service and displaying a notice that the business was in the process of being sold. The notice stated the acquisition included the customer database, balances, and pending withdrawals. It is unclear if pending wagers will be honored. | BetButler statement

Bet2Be Sportsbook report

Bet2Be Payout Complaints: 16 outstanding


Bet2Be players have submitted 22 payouts complaints for a total of $19,723 since August 2014. Six of the players have recently reported payment for $3,895. Several of the players have reported seeing a bizarre pop-up that prompted them to submit proof of tax payments. Bet2Be has cited technical issues as causing payout delays in some of the cases. | Bet2Be payout complaints

Sportingbet account closure dispute


A Sportingbet (SBR rating C-) player has filed a sportsbook complaint. The player has claimed that he deposited $600 and accumulated approximately $630 in winnings, bringing his balance to $1,230. His account was temporarily suspended pending the outcome of the Know Your Customer (KYC) process where he would be required to provide ID and utility bill documents. The player claimed that he was asked to have his passport notarized, which he did, and later to photograph himself holding the passport. He tells SBR he followed these requirements but was still told his account would be closed with just the $600 deposit refunded. It is unclear if Sportingbet believed the documents were fraudulent or what other circumstances are at play. SBR is following up with the sportsbook.

Wagerweb Sportsbook report

Wagerweb player forced to take higher fee withdrawal option


Update: On September 27, SBR reported on a Wagerweb Sportsbook (SBR rating C+) player who had a total of $18,000 in check withdrawals pending. The player complained that his oldest request was 130 days old, requested May 29, and was outside of the already lengthy six week time-frame to receive checks. | Wagerweb complaint

Congrats sportfan for winning Monday Night Football contest


Sportsbook Review forum poster "sportfan" correctly predicted the outcome of the 49ers vs Rams Monday Night Football contest at 31-17. Sportfan has won a $15 pizza gift card at the company of his choice. The weekly giveaway is just one of the contests offered for SBR members. SBR is running a $20,000 NFL and NCAAF betting contest which enters its seventh week of competition.

MLB Bettors to be refunded for Game 3 ALCS wagers


Game 3 of the ALCS in MLB has been postponed to Tuesday due to inclement weather in Kansas City. Sports bettors who wagered game 3 should check their sportsbook accounts and ensure their tickets have been voided. The industry standard, and rule held by Las Vegas, is that during the post season games which do not begin and are postponed are refunded. Wagers on games that begin but are called due to weather still have action whenever the game is resumed, regardless of the inning play is canceled in. Betting sites BetOnline, Heritage, and 5Dimes were among the first to post baseball odds for the new game 3 date.

Tonybet player account closed after random phone interrogation


A Tonybet (unrated) player has filed a sportsbook complaint. They player claims she had a balance of €1502. Her account was closed after it was alleged that she had violated terms and conditions pertaining to multiple accounts. The player has claimed to have sent all required ID documents and correctly answered the questions asked during a random phone call. The player's €400 deposit was refunded. SBR is investigating.

Marathonbet player asks for help on SBR Forum


A Marathonbet (SBR rating B) player has filed a sportsbook complaint. The player has stated that he deposited £125 through Paysafe approximately one month ago. His account is presently suspended and is undergoing an extensive Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure. He has claimed to have provided reasonable forms of ID, but is unable to produce the latest series of documents required by Marathonbet. SBR has followed up with a Marathonbet manager to discuss the case, which the player also posted on the Sportsbook Review forum. SBR reported on September 12 that Marathonbet is among the betting sites to have applied for a license with the UK Gambling Commission pending the implementation of the new UK Gambling law.

NFL Monday Night Football Contest: Win a Pizza Gift card


Sportsbook Review encourages readers to take part in the "Predict the Score for Pizza" Monday Night Football contest. Users must predict the exact final score outcome of Monday night's San Francisco 49ers vs. St. Louis Rams game; with the exactly correct total for each team. The winning user will be sent their choice of a $15 pizza eGift card from Papa Johns, Dominos, or Pizza Hut.

SportsbettingOnline complaint

SportsbettingOnline downgraded to D+


A SportsbettingOnline (SBR rating D+) player has filed a payout complaint. The player has claimed to have three $500 requests pending through processing methods SBR has agreed not to publish on the news feed as a courtesy to other operators. The funds have been debited from the player's account, and for going on two weeks he has not received an update. | SportsbettingOnline report

EasyStreet Sports player has payout pending


An Easystreet Sports (SBR rating D) player has filed a payout complaint. The player states that he asked to be paid by Person to Person two weeks ago and the funds have yet to be deducted from his account. The betting site advertises same-day payouts through this cashier method. The player states that he was told there are processing issues that are causing his payout, which is less than $1,000, to be delayed. Easystreet's name became tarnished in the infamous casino confiscation case where $46,000 was taken from a player's account who had profited from playing Jacks or Better in their online casino. Since then, Easystreet has shortened their name to "EZ Street", seemingly to bypass the elephant like memory of search engines. EasyStreet was downgraded to D after their handling of the casino case and has not spoken with SBR on player complaints since. Players with feedback are asked to write to

Sportsbook Review News Broadcast released


In today's sportsbook news industry video broadcast, newswoman Natalie covers the latest player complaints to surface in the SBR newswire, including a dispute against Enterbet Sportsbook - a shop that has been plagued with issues throughout its history. | Video report

Choosing a betting site report

Five Tips for Choosing a Betting Site


There are hundreds of betting sites all over the internet. Operators around the globe have a common goal — Attract new business and grow their brand. But with so many sportsbooks and casinos to choose from, how do players distinguish the legit companies from the outright scams? These five tips can make the difference between a healthy bankroll and one flushed down the drain. | Read the Tips

Enterbet casino complaint report

Enterbet player owed $600 accused of "casino discrepancies"


An Enterbet Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) player has submitted a complaint. The player has claimed that the betting site has owed him $600 since June of 2014, and is now refusing payment on the grounds that there are discrepancies with his play in the casino. He has claimed that Enterbet has not provided an explanation on what the discrepancies are. | Enterbet report

Betsafe Sportsbook bonus complaint: Player limited to 1 PLN


A Betsafe player (SBR rating C-) has submitted a sportsbook complaint. The player states that he deposited 750 PLN (approximately $225) to his account and received a 25% bonus from the betting site. His wager limits were quickly reduced to a maximum of 1 PLN; this revised limit make it impossible for him to clear through his play-through requirement. Additionally, his rollover obligation is time based. Betsafe has yet to waive the rollover and prorate the bonus, which is the industry standard way of resolving such a complaint if restoring the player's limits is not an option. Sportsbook Review reported this week on why betting sites lower wagering limits and how this can be avoided.

Bitcoin value report

Bitcoin value steadily dropping & sports bettors' concerns


A Sportsbook Review reader commented on a tweet released by Nitrogen Sports (SBR rating B) concerning their entry into the sportsbook ratings guide. The user commented: "Love your book, but it seems crazy to use bitcoin with its value dropping so fast". Bitcoin has dropped to as low as $325 per coin this week. | View report

InstantActionSports slow-pay complaint #3 received


A new slow-pay complaint has been received from an InstantActionSports (SBR rating D+) player. The user requested a withdrawal of $1,000 approximately two months ago, and has yet to receive this payout. He has claimed that the betting sites customer service has acknowledged the delays without providing a meaningful update on when his payout would be processed. Sportsbook Review reported this week on an update involving two InstantActionSports payout complaints. In each case, InstantActionSports stated that the players could be paid smaller denominations through multiple Person to Person transactions as there were banking delays with both Skrill and direct transfer. Sportsbook Review has followed up with InstantActionSports concerning this latest slow-pay complaint.

NBA Futures Betting markets page updated


The NBA Futures bets directory has been updated with recently released wagering markets, including regular season win totals, NBA MVP, and Rookie of Year bets. The page also includes grids which update in real-time for NBA bets such as outright 2014-15 champion, conference, and division winners.

Why do betting sites lower wagering limits: Is it for winning?


Sportsbook Review receives complaints from readers occasionally who are upset that their wagering limits have been lowered at their betting site of choice. The questions these players often ask is what can be done about being limited, and why does it happen in the first place? Is it the online sportsbooks way of "cheating" them? Read more to find out the scoop. | Full report

Question from SBR mailbag:


A Sportsbook Review reader has written in with a question concerning The reader asked if this shop was in any way related to A+ related BetDSI Sportsbook. is a PPH skin that is on the same network as The site is hosted in San Jose, Costa Rica, and uses Digital Gaming Solutions (DGS) software. The shop primarily serves non post-up related clients, and is not connected with other established online betting sites. Players looking to deposit funds are advised to stick with established brands.

Youwin Sportsbook complaint

Youwin Sportsbook complaint: $1,500 in limbo


A Youwin (SBR rating C+) player has submitted a complaint with SBR against the betting site. He originally joined Youwin with the intention of playing on their poker network: Youwin is part of the Merge poker network, and is the only betting site to allow players from Costa Rica to access the poker network, he claims. He has $1,500 he has been unable to withdraw. | Youwin complaint

Betway Sportsbook complaint report

Betway Sportsbook addresses recent player dispute


UPDATE 10/20/2014: The player has reported payment.
Betway (SBR rating C+) has commented on the dispute originally reported by SBR September 28. In that dispute, a player claimed that $833 in winnings were confiscated after the sportsbook believed he signed up from a country that was not permitted to operate an account. He maintains that he made a mistake signing up but that he was in compliance with Betway terms. | Betway complaint

LSbet Sportsbook complaint report

New LSbet Sportsbook complaint filed


An LSbet Sportsbook (SBR rating C) player has filed a complaint against the betting site with SBR. The player's claims are similar to those raised in the recent LSbet dispute reported by SBR, where the betting site charged the player with violation of their terms and conditions pertaining to "duplicate accounts" operating from the same household.  | LSbet complaint

InstantActionSports slow-pay reported


Update 6:33PM ET: InstantActionSports has stated the player has been offered an alternate withdrawal method. There are reportedly processor issues with IAS using Skrill. SBR asked InstantActionSports for an update on the $5,000 slow-pay complaint reported which involved a bank transfer and was told that player also has the option of an alternate payout method.

An InstantActionSports (SBR rating D+) player has filed a complaint. The player requested an $866 payout on August 1. After not receiving his funds, he inquired on the status of his payout on September 15, and was reportedly told that there was a general payouts delay. He was told that his payout would be processed as soon as possible. To date, he has not been paid. InstantActionSports was downgraded to D+ at the start of football season for lingering slow-pay issues and failing to provide timely updates to players or SBR. InstantActionSports could face additional downgrades if the issues continue.

Sportsbook Review evaluating bitcoin betting site Anonibet


Sportsbook Review is in the process of gathering information and investigating bitcoin sportsbook Anonibet, which has been in business since late 2011. SBR invites bitcoin bettors with feedback to write to SBR expects Anonibet to be introduced into the SBR sportsbook ratings guide by the end of next week. SBR launched a bitcoin betting sites guide this year, and recently established an initial rating into bitcoin sportsbook Nitrogen Sports.

Monday Night Football Contest: Win Pizza Gift Card


SBR invites readers to participate in the "Predict the Score for Pizza" Monday Night Football contest. Users must correctly predict the final score outcome of Monday night's Seattle Seahawks vs. Washington Redskins football game; with the exactly correct total for each team. The winning user will be sent a $15 pizza eGift card from Pizza Hut or Papa Johns.

Matchbook complaint newswire

Matchbook player paid closing balance


Sportsbook Review reported on a Matchbook (SBR rating B+) player had difficulty withdrawing his $9,200 closing balance following the betting exchanges' exit from the Canadian market on 21 July 2014. The case had a unique set of facts where the player actually left Canada prior to the exit and temporarily relocated to the US, where Matchbook does not allow accounts. | Complaint summary

No update in winnings confiscation complaint


Sportsbook Review reported on August 21 that a (SBR rating D-) player was owed $2,000. The player aired his grievance out at the SBR posting forum, stating that his deposit was refunded but winnings were not honored. The majority of his balance was made on Justin Williams to win the Conn Smythe trophy. This wager is the NHL's equivalent of playoffs Most Valuable Player. The user claimed that he was labeled a "professional bettor" and told that his winnings would not be honored. declined comment to SBR on the case; and the dispute remains open. Players are advised to avoid and the online sportsbooks under the BTG Global NV family. SBR reported an advisory that the group was advertising 100% bonuses following the start of the 2014-15 NFL season.

NBA Futures Betting: Odd swings ahead of new NBA season


The 2014-15 NBA season tips off on Tuesday October 28 with defending champion San Antonio Spurs hosting the Dallas Mavericks. The moneyline markets are seeing an uptick in movement: SBR has summarized key movements involving NBA teams projected to be in contention for the outright championship winner market. | NBA Market report

Betting Sites News Show: 10/3/2014


In today's Sportsbook News video program host Natalie covers recent topics from the SBR newswire. Show topics include a tricky LSBet Sportsbook (SBR rating C) complaint, and a recent complaint launched against GR88 Sportsbook. GR88 (SBR rating D) is a betting site under the Olympian Group family. | Video report

LSbet Sportsbook vs. Player: Account closure case update


Sportsbook Review has collected additional information from the player who filed a complaint against LSbet Sportsbook (SBR rating C). In that complaint, the player claimed to have £556.02 in winnings confiscated after allegedly sharing picks with friends. | Updated report

UK Gambling Commission report

UK Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act postponed one month


The controversial UK Gambling law which was set to take effect 1 October 2014 has been postponed by one month to 1 November 2014. Sportsbook Review recently reported of the new gambling law and how online sportsbooks reacted to the coming legislation. The UK Gambling Commission website provides additional details on the decision to extend the implementation. | View full report

LSbet sportsbook news report

LSbet Sportsbook player and friends share picks, get account closed


An LSbet Sportsbook (SBR rating C) player has submitted a complaint against the betting site with SBR. The player has claimed to have used LSbet for "a few weeks" and has made £556.02 in winnings. His trouble stems from the fact that he and a few friends allegedly placed similar bets on games - his account was eventually closed for this reason. | View full report

GR88 Sportsbook issue raised by bettor


A GR88 Sportsbook (SBR rating D) player has filed an SBR complaint. The player tells SBR that he recently registered to GR88, making a deposit of $200 to the betting site. He was credited with a sportsbook bonus equivalent to 100% of his deposit ($200). He placed a number of bets before his account was suspended by GR88. He claims that after a process which lasted several days, he agreed to have his deposit refunded and waive the bonus in light of the standstill. His deposit, he alleges, has not been returned and no additional updates have been given from GR88. SBR is following up on the sportsbook complaint.

Best sportsbook bonuses directory updated


The best sportsbook bonuses directory has been updated. One betting site has lowered their sign-up bonus from 100% to 50% and updated their promo code. SBR has updated the listing and reordered the sportsbook according to the strength of their "True Bonus" (the amount of pure bonus the player receives in relation to the rollover requirement).

Heritage Sportsbook update

Heritage Sportsbook update


Heritage Sportsbook (SBR rating A) will allow players to change their player program as of tomorrow October 1st. Twice a year, users can adjust their account designation. One option is reduced juice, which refers to discounted pricing on wagers, meaning instead of laying full vig or -110 ($110 to $100) on a game outcome such as NFL spread, players receive -105 style pricing for sides and totals.

Bet365 Sportsbook report

Bet365 moves internet gambling operations to Gibraltar


Bet365 (SBR rating A+) has moved all internet ("remote") gambling operations to Gibraltar. Bet365 will still have some of their troops stationed at their Stoke-on-Trent address in England, where they are the city's largest employer. Bet365's overall gaming business has operated out of Gibraltar dating back to 2007. Bet365's statement is accessible in this report's full view.

Wagerweb Sportsbook complaint update

Wagerweb addresses latest slow-pay dispute


Wagerweb Sportsbook (SBR rating C+) has addressed the latest slow-pay complaint published on the SBR newswire feed. SBR reported on Friday that a player claimed to have six $3,000 check withdrawals pending from the betting site as far back as May 29 - 132 days ago. Wagerweb did not acknowledge what contributed to the delay.

Monday Night Football Contest: Win a Pizza Gift Card


SBR invites readers to participate in the free "Predict the Score for Pizza" Monday Night Football contest. Users must correctly predict the outcome of tonight's New England Patriots vs. Kansas City Chiefs final score, with the exactly correct final score for each team. The winning user will be sent a $15 pizza eGift card from Papa Johns or Pizza Hut. International users would receive 150 freeplay points instead.

Betway sportsbook dispute

Betway Sportsbook country dispute: Player alleges freeroll


Update 9/29 5:45AM ET: A Betway manager is looking into the complaint and will update SBR.

A Betway Sportsbook (SBR rating C+) player has submitted a dispute involving $833 in confiscated winnings. The player had his winnings removed due to a discrepancy with his account registration. The player alleges that he registered with the betting site on July 7th, 2014, and mistakenly selected Russia — he resides in Vietnam, but also has citizenship in Russia, and was present in Vietnam at the time. However his sign up was not blocked.

Wagerweb player claims to have six $3,000 checks pending


A Wagerweb Sportsbook (SBR rating C+) player has claimed that he has six pending $3,000 check requests dating back to May 29. The first request is 130 days old. Wagerweb's online cashier lists up to 6 weeks for checks, while players have been told by customer service that check withdrawals can take up to a total time-frame of 60 business days.  Sportsbook Review reported that three users have complained on Wagerweb's lengthy waiting time for check payouts. The alternative these users have comes with significantly higher fees. In one case, reported by SBR last week, a user that waited over 100 days had his check withdrawal cancelled in favor of multiple Person to Person transactions. SBR is following up with Wagerweb management on this latest payment complaint, and encourages users with feedback to share to write to or submit a sportsbook complaint. SBR initially reported on September 22nd that Wagerweb was quoting up to three calendar months for player withdrawals.

Betting Sites News Show: Ladbrokes to exit Canada


Sportsbook Review news host Natalie provides an update on recent topics to have hit the SBR newswire feed. These topics include the recent withdrawal of both Ladbrokes (SBR rating A) and BetDaq from the Canadian market as of 1 October 2014. An update is also given on a recent slow-pay complaint, and a DDoS attack involving bitcoin betting site Nitrogen Sports.

5Dimes Sportsbook adds dynamic lines


5Dimes Sportsbook (SBR rating A+) has added dynamic lines. Players can see lines update in real-time through the dynamic lines section of the wagering menu, eliminating the need for page refreshes to see odds change. The page is mobile friendly. The dynamic lines menu was coded in-house and added onto the existing ASI software. Straight wagers on full games, halves, quarters, and proposition wagers are available. Players that leave the page open longer than 20 minutes must confirm their account password.

Nitrogen Sports receiving DDoS attack


Nitrogen Sports tells SBR that they are presently fighting off an ongoing distributed denial of service attack. Users may have difficulty accessing the exclusive bitcoin betting site presently. Nitrogen has experienced the attack off and on for the last week and recently performed hours of server maintenance in an attempt to stabilize the website and fend off the DDoS, which works by sending a massive amount of requests from remote computers in an attempt to overload a web server with traffic. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Wagerweb Sportsbook complaint

Wagerweb Sportsbook update on slow-pay complaint


Wagerweb Sportsbook (SBR rating C+) has claimed that the player who filed a complaint stating he had waited 106+ days for a $3,000 check payout will instead receive multiple Person To Person withdrawals. No reason was provided on what contributed to the delay. SBR reported earlier this week that two players have made complaints against the betting site for the prolonged wait times for check payouts.

BetDaq Sportsbook exits Canadian market following parent company's lead


Betting site BetDaq (SBR rating B) has also announced to their players that they are exiting the Canadian market as of 1 October 2014. SBR reported in January of last year that online sportsbook Ladbrokes acquired BetDaq in a deal worth over €30 million. BetDaq players are asked to begin the process of withdrawing their remaining balances. SBR will monitor news involving Canada and keep readers posted as online betting sites enter or exit the market.

Nitrogen Sports reviewed

Bitcoin sportsbook Nitrogen Sports reviewed


Bitcoins are becoming more and more popular with retail vendors and that includes bookmakers. The biggest deterrent for users is the relatively volatile fluctuations of the digital currency. As of September 1, one BTC was worth $479.63, but at three weeks later that number has fallen to $422.92. Benefits of perceived anonymity and lower transaction fees may not be enough for those who don’t want to gamble on their currency as well as their team. But, bookmakers are recognizing that bitcoins are becoming mainstream and want to tap into the growing interest.  Over 15 online betting sites that take bitcoin are now covered by Sportsbook Review. That number is expected to double by the end of the year. One of the highest profile bitcoin sportsbooks is Nitrogen Sports, who SBR has completed an initial review on.

Ladbrokes sportsbook news

Ladbrokes to exit Canadian market as of October 1st


Ladbrokes (SBR rating A) will exit the Canadian market. SBR readers reported receiving an email notice this morning from the UK sportsbook informing them of the change. Canadian players will no longer be able to register, deposit, or use any of the Ladbrokes products as of 1 October 2014. Ladbrokes players must complete pending bonus rollover requirements before this time: The letter from the betting site indicates that pending winnings tied to outstanding play-throughs will be forfeited as of Wednesday the 1st. The notice also sternly advises that players will "have 30 days" to withdraw any remaining funds from their accounts. It is not stated what the process is for withdrawing funds after the 30 day time-frame, although SBR has asked the UK sportsbook for comment.

Concerning the reason for the Canadian market exit, Ladbrokes letter stated that they regularly review their ability to offer gaming facilities in countries throughout the world. The last significant Canadian exit came when Matchbook withdrew their services back in July. Prior to this, eWallet provider Skrill ceased processing gambling transactions for Canadian residents at the start of the year.

Bookmaker family websites back online after IT issue


Update 10:25AM ET: SBR has spoken with a member of Bookmaker management. The downtime was caused by an IT related hiccup and all sites should be back online within the hour. The Bookmaker (SBR rating A+) family of websites are currently unavailable. SBR is attempting to speak with a representative for an ETA on when the sites should be back online.

Wagerweb quoting up to three months for withdrawals above $800


Two WagerWeb Sportsbook (SBR rating C+) users have written to SBR after being told it could take as much as 60 business days to receive checks, the only viable payment method for withdrawals above $800. One player has claimed that he was told by a member of WagerWeb customer service that the wait time is "industry standard", suggesting other online sportsbooks are also experiencing delays. The second player however claimed to have waited a total of 106 days without receiving payment. No other sportsbook's users have written to complain about general delays through this method. Larger Wagerweb balance holders seem to be electing to wait instead of pursuing multiple individual payments for small amounts at higher fees. SBR has asked if Wagerweb might be willing to consider waiving the fees on more expensive smaller payouts to help expedite payouts for users with larger balances, and if players can expect to receive faster redemptions in the near future.

Heritage Sports bitcoin news

Heritage Sportsbook now supporting bitcoin transactions


Heritage Sports (SBR rating A) is the latest online sportsbook to add support for bitcoin transactions. Effective immediately, players may deposit to their Heritage Sports account using bitcoin. Interested parties should contact the Heritage staff via live chat or email to receive bitcoin sending instructions. The method is presently in beta testing mode; the betting site will monitor the demand and viability of the method over the coming days. If player demand proves to be sufficient, Heritage will automate the funding process and include bitcoin sending instructions via their cashier page.

How does it work?
Heritage will convert all deposits in BTC into USD. The conversion used will be based on the bitcoin price index (BPI) at the time the transaction is confirmed. will determine what conversion should be used. Only players that have deposited through BTC will be eligible to receive BTC withdrawals. There will be no transaction fees for deposits or withdrawals through this method. The minimum deposit in BTC is equivalent to $100.

Heritage Sports will be added to the bitcoin sportsbooks guide at Sportsbook

Monday Night Football Betting Props: Bears vs. Jets


Online sportsbook Pinnacle Sports (SBR rating A+) has received 53% of player wagers on the point spread of +1.5 for Chicago, with 47% on the New York Jets. As for the moneyline, 72% of bets are in favor of Chicago at prices ranging from +105 to +141 per SBR Odds line history for the game. The total market sees 65% of wagers tipping over the posted total of 45 points; 35% is recorded on the under. As far proposition wagers for tonight's game; over 50 team and player props have been recorded in the NFL Props betting directory at Sportsbook Review. SBR has compared the best available prop markets where a common proposition is available.

SBR community raises $23,000 for Make A Wish foundation


The Sportsbook Review forum community has raised $23,000 for the Make A Wish foundation. SBR members have donated $100 or more to Make A Wish, which is a charity that has become famous for granting the last wishes of terminally ill children. The SBR community has also raised $19,000 for Doctors Without Borders.

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