News on scam sports betting operations, events and business deals within the offshore sports gambling industry.

SBG Global news


An SBG Global (SBR rating D-) player has submitted positive feedback. The player has claimed to have played with the online sports betting website for a period of eight years without incident. He has claimed to have gambled for 30 years and been impressed with the betting site, so questioned why they maintain a rating of D- and are on the sportsbook blacklist.

Bitcoin sports betting report


Bitcoin has continued to remain steady at around the $237 mark. Another week of consistency for proponents of the anonymous crypto-currency and those who are believers of its value to sports bettors can only be seen as a good thing; if bitcoin stays the course or increases in value to close the year, 2016 is likely to contain many more online sports betting sites offering the currency. complaints


Twenty five slow pay complaints have been raised by (SBR rating D-) players. The sports betting website has acknowledged that payouts take an average time-frame of up to five weeks - already well at the bottom of the industry average - but this payout time-frame is not being met, sparking the now 25 total complaints by unhappy players.

LSbet Sportsbook news


An LSbet Sportsbook (SBR rating C-) player has filed a complaint seeking assistance from SBR. The player has stated that a balance of €850 is in limbo, and that he has complied with a series of requests from the sports betting website attempting to verify his account. His attempts have been unsuccessful, and now LSbet has a new request.

Two new sportsbooks release NFL Rookie of Year Prop Bets


The sports betting odds of two new online sportsbooks have been added to the NFL Prop Bets list for the Offensive Rookie of Year wagering market. Sportsbook Review has also made side by side grids available showing the outright Super Bowl 50 winner market odds, conference, division, and regular season wins odds.

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Free Poker Contest Update


The SBR World Poker Cup is entering the fourth week of competition. The free poker contest comes after a tournament which is sending one lucky user to the 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event later this summer. As of this time, user ledsep26 leads all contestants in Team World with 2,140 tournament points after six cashes. | How to Play

Youwin Sportsbook complaint news


Sportsbook Review reported earlier in March that a Youwin Sportsbook (SBR rating C+) player filed a complaint against the betting site. At the time of filing his gripe, the player alleged that his account was sanctioned and closed without a specific reason being provided, and further suggested that a total of €1,900 in unsettled bets were forfeited. New information has since been provided.

UFC 187 Prop Bets List Updated


The UFC 187 Prop Bet list has been updated with the odds from three more online sportsbooks. Taking place tonight in Sin City (Las Vegas, Nevada), sportsbooks are spreading almost as many combinations of exotic prop bets as with the Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao super-fight three weeks ago. Sportsbook Review's Natalie Rydstrom reports on the directory in this SBR news video.

French Open betting report


Roger Federer was offered at 25 to 1 by online sportsbooks just eleven days ago, but is now priced at an average of about 10 to 1 to win the 2015 French Open. Sportsbook Review announced the French Open betting list at that time which shows the current wagering odds on players to win the men's and women's field at Roland Garros.

Triobet Sportsbook complaint


A Triobet Sportsbook player has filed a complaint. The player has claimed to have had difficulty requesting payment from the online sports betting website. He has reportedly provided Triobet with everything they've asked for to verify his account - passport, utility bill, and finally a photograph holding the documents. Unfortunately, he has reported that he has yet to be paid.

Canbet Sportsbook news report


A former player of Canbet Sportsbook has written Sportsbook Review and wants answers. The player is among the many who lost their bankroll when the online sports betting website suspended service in December 2013. New complaints are filed by the week as users who are realizing that their funds were lost and so many other players are in the same boat.

UFC 187 Prop Betting guide


Sportsbook Review has released a UFC 187 Prop Bet directory. Taking place this Saturday in Las Vegas, the headline of the card is Daniel Cormier vs. Anthony Johnson. Sports bettors who originally wagered on Jon Jones in the main event had their tickets voided when Jones ran afoul of the law and was suspended by UFC. This article takes a look at how to use the UFC 187 betting guide as a resource.

NFL Betting Report


Sportsbook Review has a comprehensive NFL futures and prop bets page showing betting markets offered by top football sports betting websites. This article takes a look at some of the top end prices available at these websites for betting on professional pigskins. With the NFL regular season less than four months away, sportsbooks are shifting into a second gear with their futures and prop bet offerings.

Topbet Sportsbook news


Topbet Sportsbook manager has told SBR that all players have now been paid. Recently, SBR reported of a string of payout complaints caused by what management indicated were as a result of a third party processor. Players were given workaround payments rather than have to continue to wait for the original processor to honor the payments, despite concerns that users might be paid twice.

Dashbet Sportsbook Complaints


Update: Dashbet Sportsbook is still off-line and players have been given no update. The sports betting site owed players more than $60,000 prior to pulling the plug on their operations, and had blamed processor problems as well as gaming legislation for their failure to pay promptly. Players are continuing to log their complaints with SBR.

MB24 report


Sportsbook Review reported on May 11 that MB24 (SBR rating D-) announced its upcoming closure. The sports betting site will cease to exist as of the 31st of this month. SBR urged players to request to be paid their balances and to write in with feedback to let SBR know how the process went. One such player has written in asking for help withdrawing his €1,300 balance.

Marathonbet Full review

Marathonbet added to SBR Betting Odds Grid


Online sportsbook Marathonbet (SBR rating B+) have been added to the free SBR betting odds grid. Marathonbet was recently profiled by SBR and issued with a full review. The sports betting site cleared up pending issues involving players that did not adequately pass the Know Your Customer (KYC) process, and has received a rating upgrade to B+.

NFL Betting report


The NFL Prop Bets and Futures directory has been updated with four new wagering markets. With the NFL regular season fast approaching, this is the time many seasoned sports bettors look to identify exotic betting value and lock in wagers that are considered +EV (positive expected value) ahead of the 2015-16 NFL regular season.

Screenshot your Wagers


Sportsbook Review occasionally receives complaints from players who insist that they bet a certain side, only to realize that once the market is graded, their bankroll has not grown, because the wager they thought they placed was not what their sports betting site ticket read, thus their bet was graded as a loss. Can anything be done in these situations?

Trending Discussion: Bitcoin chat


There are 1,015 views and over 30 replies in forum topic "The future of Bitcoin for Sports Betting". The post began with a news video by SBR's Natalie Rydstrom and has taken off from there with those for and against bitcoin as a legitimate option for sports bettors to have in their arsenal. One of the strongest expressed opinions is that for the international bettor, there's less of a need to bet with BTC.

Tennis Betting Directory report


The French Open is just eight days away and sportsbooks are adjusting their lines accordingly. Sportsbook Review has a French Open betting directory which lists the best sports betting industry pricing and player payoffs. The sportsbooks have set world number one Novak Djokovic as an average -115 favorite, meaning a $115 wager is needed to win $100. complaints


Five new (SBR rating D-) slow-pay complaints have been reported by players. Sportsbook Review recently made contact with a new manager at who stated that he would be reviewing the complaints and contacting each of the users who have been waiting for payouts for longer than the advertised time-frame of five weeks.

Breaking: Sports Bettors Cash on American Pharoah


American Pharoah has won the 2015 Preakness Stakes. All sportsbook markets involving a possible Triple Crown remain alive headed into the Belmont Stakes next month.

Preakness Stakes Betting details


American Pharoah remains the favorite headed into tomorrow's 140th installment of Preakness Stakes. Sportsbook Review has updated the Preakness Prop Bets directory with available market offerings and a side by side odds grid showing each of the top sports betting websites payouts on the colt to win the prestigious event.

LSbet Sportsbook report


An LSbet Sportsbook (SBR rating C-) player has refused to comply with the sports betting websites request to photograph himself holding his ID card. The player stated that he believes he complied with all reasonable requests that the online sportsbook had to establish his identity - such as scanning his ID card and utility bills, but will not budge on this latest KYC request.

Sportsbook News Video Report: Friday's Show


Sportsbook news host Natalie covers two recent topics to hit the SBR newswire. Topic one involves an update to a long-standing bonus complaint and SBR's new findings that cast doubt on the player's original story. Topic two is an update in the ongoing saga of BetMayor Sportsbook (SBR rating F) and the $51,000

BetMayor Sportsbook complaint


BetMayor Sportsbook (SBR rating F) players who have received payment thus far from the sports betting site are urged to write to The sportsbook is reportedly undergoing an acquisition which will see all players be paid, as well as the $51,000 casino winner SBR reported had his blackjack winnings voided. To date, no confirmed payouts have taken place.

54.5% of bets on Clippers to cover sportsbook betting odds


54.5% of bets are on the LA Clippers to cover the spread of -8.5 against the Houston Rockets according to SBR Odds. The line opened at -7.5 and has been bet up by a whole point. One sportsbook manager speaking on condition of anonymity indicated that both sharps and recreational bettors are on the Clippers. For a full list of sportsbook lines on tonight's NBA playoffs game, visit SBR Odds.

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao PPV Prop Bet Soars Over


Online sportsbooks set the line for the total number of Pay Per View (PPV) buys for the Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao super-fight at an average line of 3.15 million total buys. The prop was priced at -215 for the over, so $215 won $100, and had a generous return of +170 or $170 for every $100 bet. There was particular interest amongst sports bettors and financial pundits on where the total number of PPV buys would land.

Read complaint


The owner of BTG Global, the software company which manages and provides processing for a stable of online sportsbooks, has revisited a dispute previously reported on by Sportsbook Review. The complaint centered around a player who believed that his earned winnings were unfairly prorated, instead of the bonus he received.

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Sportsbook Bonuses Directory updated


The SBR sportsbook bonus directory has been updated. Players shopping for the best sports betting bonus by website can order the page in several ways - by the amount of the pure bonus (referred to as "True Bonus"), rollover, maximum bonus per offer, as well as countries restricted are also listed on the best bonus list.

Topbet update


Sportsbook Review reported last month on six Topbet (SBR rating C-) payout complaints. Topbet management later provided a statement to SBR explaining the reason behind the delays, which hinged on a third party processor and a breakdown in communication. Three of the players have confirmed receiving payment.

Preakness Stakes Betting report


American Pharoah is the betting favorite for the 140th Preakness Stakes this Saturday. Online sportsbooks have started to release prop bets on the performance of American Pharoah; among these bets are wagers involving a possible Triple Crown if Pharoah is successful at Preakness, as well as bets on the field of horses scheduled to run. slow-pay complaints


A member of (SBR rating D-) management is now speaking with SBR concerning the dozen slow-pay complaints reported. Players have stated that their funds are not being paid within the lengthy five week time-frame quoted by support. SBR provided a list of these complaints for to review. Players in need of assistance should write to


On April 30th the jury reached a verdict in the case of Bartice “Luke” King, formerly of Legendz Sports. The original multiple count superseding indictment had been reduced to three counts: Operating an Illegal Gambling Business, Money Laundering and the most serious; RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations).

The jury sided with the government on both the Illegal Gambling and Money Laundering charges but in dramatic fashion acquitted Mr. King on the more severe RICO charge. The government’s motion to reprimand Mr. King into custody following the two guilty verdicts was denied by the court.

The court has since ruled that government lawyers have “opened the door” for the three current Legendz defendants (Rodger Vanpelt Bramley, Kelly Ward Diebner, and Leon Mark Moran, Jr.) currently standing trial.

Lawyers for these defendants will now be able to inform the jury that the alleged ring leader of the conspiracy was found not guilty of the most serious charge of which they are also on trial for. The court also noted the defense, unlike prosecutors, has not opened the door for prosecutors to tell the jury that Mr. King was convicted on two of the three charges. Other Legendz defendants who have been found guilty or pleaded guilty previously to the RICO charge are one by one filing motions for new trials or outright acquittals on the RICO charge. 

The trial for Mr. King began on April 14th as reported by SBR. The jury deliberated for two days.

Read MB24 Report


Blacklisted betting site MB24 (SBR rating D-) has announced that it is set to close on May 31st. The online sportsbook has claimed that all player balances will be honored. The betting site has not been without controversy during its two year operation. The brand first surfaced as Mobibet Sportsbook and racked up over two dozen player complaints.

French Open Betting List explained


The 2015 French Open Betting List at Sportsbook Review has been updated. Right now players can search for the highest payoff on players in both the men's and women's tournaments. The side by side betting grids show the best market price available on each player. Whenever an odds change is recorded, the cell flashes red in real-time without requiring a page refresh.

In-play betting report


Live, in-play betting can be intoxicating: There are many ways to bet, and with so many new ways to watch games and check progress on smart phones and other devices, the unsophisticated sports bettor may get in over their head or have their bankroll suffer due to procedural error. Keep reading to find out the key dos and don't associated with in-play wagering.

Free Poker Contest details


Week one is in the books for the Free Poker Contest taking place for SBR members. The theme of this poker contest is that players are ranked in accordance to their performance in any of the three daily poker tournaments at the SBR Poker room and is titled the SBR World Poker Cup 2015. The most recent poker contest held at SBR is sending the winner to the 2015 WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas.

57% of Bets on Rockets +7.5 according to SBR Odds


The point spread betting odds have dropped from +7.5 to +6.5 in favor of the Houston Rockets, and sportsbooks have taken 57% of wagers on the Rockets to cover per SBR odds wagering data. Players lost on Cleveland vs Chicago as the 60% of bets were on the Cavaliers to cover in the earlier game today.

BetUS Sportsbook news


Players with BetUS Sportsbook (SBR rating C-) feedback are encouraged to write in. The sports betting site has accumulated mostly complaints over bonus handling and customer service in recent years, and has no payout complaints on file. Sportsbook Review is evaluating BetUS for a possible rating upgrade. Players with unresolved issues are urged to submit a sportsbook complaint.

Sportsbooks move Bulls line by three points vs. Cavs


Sportsbooks have moved the line by three points since the opener for this afternoon's Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Chicago Bulls NBA playoffs contest. Chicago opened as one point favorites per SBR Odds and are now being offered by betting sites as three point underdogs. The second of the two NBA playoffs games has the Clippers as a 7.5 point favorite against the Houston Rockets.

Read BetMayor news


BetMayor Sportsbook has told SBR that they have reversed course and decided to honor the casino winner's $51,000 balance which was initially wiped out after the player was accused of violating their terms and conditions regarding professional play. SBR blacklisted the sports betting website due to their position that they would not pay the legitimately earned balance.

BetPhoenix Payout Complaint Resolution


Sportsbook Review reported on April 27 that BetPhoenix (SBR rating C) management was investigating a payout complaint originally posted in March. A player claimed a $2,000 payout was lost in the mail and that he was unable to have the transaction voided and a replacement payout issued. BetPhoenix clarified part of the complaint, and offered a credit to the player to resolve the issue.

Sportsbook Review Video Report on Bitcoin Sports Betting


Sportsbook Review news host Natalie Rydstrom breaks down why sports bettors are rooting for bitcoin (BTC) to stabilize and eventually be adopted by a majority of online sports betting websites. As SBR noted in a recent market watch report, bitcoin has held steady for over two weeks without a significant dip in value. | Watch the Report

Read BetMotion complaint


A BetMotion Sportsbook (SBR rating C+) player has filed a complaint seeking assistance with the sports betting website. The player requested a payout of €242.50 two and a half weeks ago. He was told that the funds would be paid in two weeks, but to date the payment has not been received. Sportsbook Review is following up on the complaint.

Read LSbet Sportsbook complaint


An LSbet Sportsbook player has filed a complaint against the sports betting website. He deposited €120 by Skrill intent on receiving a sportsbook cash bonus. He wagered the required number of times as outlined to be credited with the bonus, but the bonus ended up being declined. The player provided various ID documents, but this did not resolve his issue.

NFL Futures Betting Directory explained


The 2015-16 NFL regular season is just four months away. The off-season is a time many sports bettors look to find futures betting value. Online sportsbooks are beginning to move their numbers on the winner of Super Bowl 50 and related markets, making now the time to plan your strike and to get the best possible betting odds on your favorite team.

Bitcoin market watch report


The value of bitcoin has remained steady at the $230ish mark for the better part of the last two weeks. This type of consistency is exactly what might compel sports bettors to legitimately consider switching their deposits and withdrawals to the anonymous crypto-currency. Sports bettors in several countries have watched the performance of bitcoin closely and for good reason.

Which online sportsbook is right?


There are an overwhelming number of online sports betting websites to choose from, so the question becomes, how can you make sure you choose the right one based on your needs? Sportsbook Review has a free tool that was designed by bettors for bettors that allows easy comparison of online sportsbooks. Keep reading to learn more and be on your way to finding the right betting site for you.

Mayweather vs Pacquiao controversy


There are lawsuits popping up throughout the United States from disgruntled sports bettors, fight fans, and all who paid anywhere from $90 to many thousands to take in what was promoted as The Fight of the Century. Mayweather, a 2 to 1 betting favorite, won easily by outpointing Pacquiao in a one sided contest May 2. All who wagered on Pacquiao now want their money back. Find out why.

Free Poker Contest


With one SBR member headed to Las Vegas this summer for entry into the 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event, which has a minimum $10 million prize going to 1st place, check out the current free poker contest which is open to all readers with an SBR forum account. The event, dubbed the SBR World Poker Cup, measures how each geographical location performs in daily poker tournaments.

SportsbettingOnline complaint


Two SportsbettingOnline (SBR rating C-) players have claimed that the online sports betting website has failed to pay the listed maximum of $1,000 per week and within the advertised payout time-frame as of the last month. SportsbettingOnline has also yet to comment on an $8,200 confiscation involving a bitcoin deposit made last year. Player feedback is welcomed.

Unibet Sportsbook case update


Sportsbook Review has recently made contact with Unibet management (SBR rating C-) to discuss an old player complaint originally submitted by a player last year. SBR agreed not to disclose the particulars of the complaint as far as how the player was determined to be in violation of the house terms and conditions, but was given an update on what the player can do next. payout complaint

05.04.2015 (SBR rating D-) players have reported that payouts are taking a minimum of five weeks. The sports betting website has consistently been ranked lowly by players and within the industry for failure to pay promptly and confiscating winnings freely, including the infamous correlated parlay confisactions of yesteryear.

Best Sportsbook Bonus List Updated


Sportsbook Review has updated the cash and freeplay bonuses listing which shows industry incentives from sports betting websites. Players can compare sign up bonuses in several ways: By the actual amount of the overall bonus value, bonus percent, by the play-through or rollover requirement, as well as the maximum bonus offered. Bigger does not always mean better with sportsbook bonuses, hence the many ways the list can be used.

Oddsmaker Sportsbook report


Sports betting website Oddsmaker Sportsbook (SBR rating F) has confiscated more than $250,000 from winning players. Players have reported that their funds have been confiscated on the grounds that they are "professional" players and that they have violated terms and conditions by winning, much like the recent $51,000 complaint against BetMayor.

Sportsbook Rating Change: BetMotion upgraded to C+


BetMotion Sportsbook has been upgraded from the rating of C to C+. The online sports betting website has had minor negative reported issues from players since their inclusion in the sportsbook rating guide two years ago, BetMotion players in need of assistance or who have feedback to share are encouraged to write to

Sportsbook Review Interviews WSOP Main Event Seat winner


Sportsbook Review's Natalie Rydstrom interviewed long-time SBR member Cabo on his winning a $10,000 World Series of Poker Main Event ticket in this year's WSOP big dance on July 5. Cabo bested a field of 50 players who qualified for entry in the final event of the three and a half month long free poker contest at SBR Poker. | Watch the interview

Read LSbet Sportsbook complaint


Update: LSbet Sportsbook has discussed more of the particulars with Sportsbook Reveiw on the issue initially reported two weeks ago. The online sports betting website provided sufficient evidence that the player attempted to defraud the sportsbook. An LSbet Sportsbook (SBR rating C-) player has filed a complaint alleging that the online sports betting website has confiscated his funds without just cause.

See Prop Bets list

Over 100 Ways to bet Mayweather vs. Pacquiao


Over 100 betting props are posted in the Sportsbook Review props directory for tonight's super fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Sports bettors looking to find the best outright odds can also view the market for the winner's market, which has shifted as much as 20 cents following Friday evening's weigh in.

Read Sportsbook Bonus Mailbag question


Sportsbook Review occasionally receives questions from players who are confused by some of the bonus terms published by their sports betting website of choice. A third of complaints involving bonuses center around some disagreement over whether or not wagering requirements have been fulfilled, most often due to a miscalculation of what is called the sportsbook rollover. What is rollover?

How to seek help with an Online Sportsbook


If you're a player reading this who has an issue with a sports betting website, all hope is not lost. Sportsbook Review operates a dispute mediation service which is free of cost. Simply submit a sportsbook complaint form with details of the problem you're having, taking care to answer as many of the five W's as you can: Who, what, why, where, when. The more detailed you are, the better.

Verdict in Legends Sports trial


A verdict was handed down in the case against Legends Sports owner Bartice "Luke" King.

King was found not guilty of the first and most significant charge against him - conspiracy to conduct Legends Sports through "racketeering activity" (RICO). King was found guilty on charges two and three - conducting an illegal gambling business and money laundering. He now awaits sentencing for the two charges; an official court order indicates that the probation office has also been polled - King's lawyers are pushing for probation. Sportsbook Review will update when the official sentencing takes place.

Read EzStreet Sports payout complaint


There are five outstanding EzStreet Sports (SBR rating F) payout complaints on file. The players have reported that the online sports betting website has failed to honor the payout time-frame advertised on their website, and that, coupled with the abrupt suspension of customer service via telephone, has led players to conclude that the sportsbook is in bad shape.

Read report


The sports bettor who didn't have the ball bounce his way in the betting dispute against (SBR rating D-) has asked for an update. The sports betting website controversially decided to pay only 50% of the player's winnings on an NHL prop bet that it contended should not have been placed at the limit the software allowed. This article explains what happened.

Read Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Betting news


Sportsbook Review has updated the Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao prop bets list. Over 90 betting props are available as of this time, with well over 120 ways to bet expected by the time the bell sounds Saturday night. SBR expects line movement one way or another to occur immediately after tonight's weigh-in, which makes shopping for the best odds all the more important.

Bitcoin betting market watch report


Bitcoin (BTC) has sat around the $235 mark for the last two weeks. The crypto-currency has seen better days, but don't count out bitcoin just yet, there are many hundreds of popular industries and millions of users across multiple platforms cheering for BTC to climb back up in value; online sports bettors are one such group. Keep reading to find out why.

NFL Draft bettors who had Winston as #1 pick cash their tickets


Sports bettors who accepted the online sportsbook odds of Jameis Winston to be selected first overall in the 2015 NFL Draft cashed their tickets. The average sports betting line had Winston as a -600 or 6 to 1 betting favorite, meaning $600 was needed to win $100. Winston's name was called by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. | See archived NFL Draft Prop Bets

BetMayor Sportsbook news


Sportsbook Review reported on April 27 that online sports betting website BetMayor (SBR rating F) was acquired by Panama based tech company Media-Tech Inc. Players were sent notices via email stating that their balances would be honored, though no particulars were given on the status of pending payouts or if the BetMayor balances would be accompanied by a rollover.

Read MB24 betting complaint


An MB24 Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) player has filed a complaint. The player has stated that he won $10,789 in March. He successfully received a $2,000 payout at the beginning of April, but since that time he has received an error when he attempts to order additional payouts. He has claimed that MB24 has failed to provide a solution allowing him to make a withdrawal.

Read complaints


Three new (SBR rating D-) payout complaints have been reported by players. The players are waiting for $6,000 collectively and have waited for at least five weeks to be paid. The online sports betting website is presently stating that payouts are delayed, and that the average time-frame to be paid is 3-5 weeks at the moment.

Read about NFL Draft Props


Updated: Five new NFL Draft Prop Bets added. Sportsbook Review has listed 2015 NFL Draft Prop Bets ahead of day one of tomorrow's NFL Draft. Jameis Winston is a 6 to 1 betting favorite to be the first pick in the draft, meaning a $600 bet is needed to win $100. Bettors shopping for sportsbook value can receive up to 80x their money if Amari Cooper is selected with the top pick.

Free money arb on Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Prop Bets page


Sportsbook Review has updated the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Prop Bets directory with markets offered by six new sports betting websites. Players can shop for the best value wagering the May 2 fight using the prop bets list. As of this publication, there is free money to be had by wagering Mayweather -189 ($189 to win $100) and Pacquiao at +200 ($100 to win $200).

Rivalo Sportsbook complaint


A Rivalo Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) player has filed a complaint with SBR against the sports betting website. The player registered his account February 8, depositing €300 via Skrill. He proceeded to successfully order a payout for €1,200 which he received, before depositing five additional times. Unfortunately, the chain of events which occurred next led to his €1,063.64 balance being confiscated.

Read SBG Global complaint


An SBG Global (SBR rating D-) player has submitted negative feedback stemming from a UFC wager he made. The player claimed that he wagered a UFC fight to go under 2.5 rounds, and that the fight was stopped with 1:33 elapsed in round three. His bet was initially graded as a win, but he later had the settlement reversed and his wager was marked as a loss.

Topbet Sportsbook Addresses Payout Delays


Tobet Sportsbook tells SBR payouts through alternate methods have been arranged for players with delayed withdrawal requests. Topbet stated that a single third party processor was responsible for all of the 91 total payout delays, and that the reason for the delay was due to the sportsbook being led to believe the funds were sent. The betting site provided a statement to be shared on the situation.

Closing arguments to be heard in case against Legends Sports owner


Closing arguments are set to be heard in the federal case against Legends Sports founder Bartice "Luke" King. Jury selection began two weeks ago today. The jury was given 103 pages of instructions by Judge Stephen P. Friot, which focus on each of the counts against Mr. King, the laws of each state named during trial, and how to interpret federal statutes such as the Wire Wager Act, among other laws. Sportsbook Review will update the newswire feed once a verdict is reached in the case.

Sportsbook Bonus report


A Sportsbook Review reader has submitted a bonus complaint against sports betting website ComeOn (SBR rating C-). The player opened a second account with ComeOn, depositing €100 and increasing his balance up to €1,330. He stated that he forgot he previously opened a ComeOn account in the past, which was used to redeem an offer.


The average payoff for a wager on Manny Pacquiao to defeat Floyd Mayweather is +185, but three online sports betting websites are offering an extra 10 cents payoff for bets on Pacquiao. This means a $100 bet pays an extra $10 as betting at these sportsbooks yields $195 for every $100 risked on Pacquiao. The competition is likely to continue as sportsbooks enhance their wagering cart with new prop bets ahead of the May 2 showdown. One sportsbook manager told SBR that this weekend figures to be a top 3 betting weekend of all time, with the Kentucky Derby, NBA/NHL Playoffs, Red Sox vs. Yankees, all leading up to the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather PPV broadcast.

Sportsbook Review will update readers as new prop bets are released; Jamie Foxx has been scheduled to sing the US National Anthem, a prop market likely on the way is the amount of minutes and seconds Foxx will take to deliver the anthem - a bet commonly offered during the Super Bowl. The challenge for players will be to ensure that they are not overcharged by bookmaker vigorish when better offers are available, especially considering the outrageous $99 cost to view the fight, which may ultimately be necessary as free streams may not satisfactorily complement in-play wagering. Sportsbook Review interviewed a betting site on their intent to offer live wagering throughout Mayweather vs. Pacquiao.

In addition to comparing the prop wagering lines, players should weigh the sportsbook bonuses offered by betting sites in conjunction with straight up betting value, as some betting sites are offering large cash bonuses ahead of the May 2 weekend.

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