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04/25/2006 06:11 PM CST
Pro5sports downgraded from D- to F
07/26/2005 10:02 PM CST
Pro5sports & PlayHorizon upgraded from F+ to D-
08/10/2003 12:00 AM CST
Pro5sports upgraded from the RUN! List to the Black List - SBR rating increased to D- from F
05/07/2002 03:34 PM CST
Pro5sports - Slow pay is reported to have evolved into No-Pay
05/02/2002 03:34 PM CST
Pro5sports - On the Sportsbook Review RUN! List since 01/10/02 is reported to be slow paying by Gambling911
01/07/2002 10:23 AM CST
Pro5sports Pro5Sports, Play Horizon- Downgraded from the Black List & Placed on the Run! List - Evidence of affiliation with known scam review site + Recently downgraded by Major Wager.
11/19/2001 01:04 PM CST
Pro5sports - Downgraded to the Black List - Server issues, customer complaints + a checkered past
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