Truth be told, the burden is on the Detroit Red Wings to do something different for Game 2 as the Nashville Predators are doing exactly what they need to do to win this series. Should NHL bettors expect a different outcome in Game 2?

The Nashville Predators took the opening game of their series with the Detroit Red Wings and looked pretty good in doing so. While the final score of Game 1 was only 3-2, the Predators sent a clear message: they are no longer Detroit’s whipping boy. 

The Red Wings have long been a stalwart in the Western Conference, feasting on teams like Nashville and Phoenix in the first round en route to bigger and better things, but it looks like there is a changing of the guards. The Predators took Game 1 and now they can put the Red Wings in a choke hold by taking Game 2. 

Friday, April 13th

NHL odds makers have once again listed Nashville as the favorite, only this time they are listed at -121, which is slightly lower than they were lined Game 1. NHL betting shops are offering the matchup's total at 5 points, which is the number that pushed for us in Wednesday's matchup, but should offer hockey bettors some value tonight. 

Find out why we thing that tonight's Game 2 will end up much like it's predecessor, and therefore we have two plays to add to our NHL picks.

The Detroit Red Wings can win because… 

Detroit Red WingsThey didn’t play particularly well and they still barely lost. 

Nashville had six power plays, capitalized on none of them but still managed to score a pair of very fluky goals to get the win. Meanwhile, Detroit didn’t look crisp, they were pushed around and they didn’t play their best game. And the final score was 3-2. 

The Red Wings should feel encouraged that they can ramp things up a little bit and come away with a win in Game 2. 

Nashville doesn’t have any serious offensive weapons, so they have to get the job done with smoke and mirrors. If Detroit’s best players like Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg can step, they’ll win Game 2 – and this series. 

The Nashville Predators can win because… 

The Red Wings looked old in Game 1

The Predators may not have the best offensive weapons, they may not have a dominant scoring unit but they definitely outplayed, outhustled and outworked Detroit in Game 1, which is a bad sign for the Red Wings.

The Predators have the best power play unit in the NHL and they failed to score on six tries in Game 1. The Red Wings scored two goals in Game 1 and both of them came on the power play. Those are signs that the Predators outplayed Detroit throughout this game. If Nashville finds a way to be a bit more disciplined, they’re going to be in better shape. 

The Red Wings have now lost 11 of their last 15 games and the biggest concern for them should be goal scoring. In those 11 losses, they’ve averaged 1.64 goals per game. That fits Nashville’s style perfect and unless Detroit can wake up, the Predators will rock them to bed rather easily.

Nashville Predators vs. Detroit Red Wings

Outlook & NHL Betting Prediction: 

It feels odd to say it but the Red Wings don’t look like they’re in great shape. They were outplayed badly in Game 1 and looked a step slow the entire way. The Predators won battles to the loose pucks, got the bounces and came away with the win. At no point was Detroit in control of the game.

There’s a sneaking suspicion that things could change in Game 2 but why bet against Nashville? They’re confident while Detroit is busy searching for answers.

If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that there isn’t going to be many goals in this series. Expect a number of 2-1/3-2 type games, so the under will be a consistent play. At the same time, with the Preds looking sharp, they’re also worth a play in Game 2.

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