It is crunch time in the NHL and playoff positions are at stake. Watch two top NHL handicappers discuss who to pick up and who to fade at this critical point in the season.

With the NHL Playoffs right around the corner, the individual teams are not the only ones fighting to keep infront of the pack, but hockey odds makers as well. SBR has enlisted the help of and two of their top NHL handicappers to give us last minute tips for making the best picks. 

Indian Cowboy and Dave Busk go head to head, debating who to follow, and comparing the methods used to determine the hottest teams to back, and who to drop. This three part video interview is a must watch for any NHL bettor looking to profit before the season comes to a close.

Breaking it all down

NHL Stanley Cup Futures Betting

As we look into the Eastern Confefence, Indian Cowboy believes that the New York Rangers, Carolina Hurricanes, and the Toronto Maple Leafs all have momentum working in their favor to make a strong run to the playoffs. Watch below to see who is still in the race, andwho has already given up hope.

NHL eastern Conference Futures Betting


In the Western Conference things are somewhat trickier. Both handicappers agree that Vancouver holds a good value, and are one of the top teams in the NHL. But when it comes to who can sneak their way into the playoff race, both also agree that Washington Capitals and Nashville Predators are flying low, but still have a pulse and are a threat to be aware of. How will this tight race play out?

NHL Western Conference Futures Betting


So there you have it, Washington and Nashville might be the value in the East out there at the moment, while the West is a dangerous place to tread at the moment. However, even in this tight of a race, the two handicappers also agree that the Vancouver Canucks can pull out all of the stops at any moment and put together a championship run. 

This is the time of year that all hockey fans wait for, and we could not have scripted a more exciting playoff race. Best of luck.