Last week we helped you get a headstart in hockey handicapping and now we look at some NHL betting trends.

Indian Cowboy, professional handicapper for Doc Sports, is back with us once again to share some revised NHL betting trends that we can follow and keep busy with over the next two weeks. 

But before he spills the beans let’s take a look at where his previous edition of trends left us: 

So overall he went 5-2-2, not bad! However SBR Poster Extra Innings did notice that Indian Cowboy stopped posting and playing these trends approximately a week into the two week experiment so Judie asks IC what made him stop. She then goes on to quote a SBRForum comment from Boris who finds Indian Cowboy’s scruffy appearance a disgrace.

And Finally Indian Cowboy gives us a new set of trends to follow. Surprisingly he dropped the Edmonton Oilers trend from the last edition and instead picked three completely new trends to keep us occupied.

March 4th – March 18th Trends to Follow

Trend 1: Boston Bruins: = UNDER

Trend 2: Atlanta Thrashers: vs. Eastern Conference team = UNDER

Trend 3: Pittsburgh Penguins: vs. winning team = UNDER

So that’s 3 UNDER trends for this week. To follow these trends, get involved or just ask a question that you’d like answered in the next edition please visit SBR’s Hockey Forum. Thanks for watching You can follow Indian Cowboy at or go to his YouTube