The Boston Bruins are an astounding 1-10 when playing at home on Saturday this season.  Can they reverse the curse against the Atlanta Thrashers?

The question is, do you continue to bet on or against a streak?  Nothing sweeter than a repeater some say but there are those who swear you can’t ignore the due factor.  If any team in hockey is due to win a game at home on Saturday, it is the Boston Bruins.  When wagering on sports, it’s important to focus on matchups, injuries, historical data and trends.  If you want a trend, allow me to articulate this as academically as I possibly can…the Bruins stink when playing at the Garden on Saturday this season.  I mean how does any team go 1-10 at home on a particular day of the week when their overall record is 19-13-6 at home?  Is there a Boston barroom located somewhere near Causeway Street that gives the Bruins an open bar every Friday night before a game the following day?  The answer to these and other questions remain a mystery but let’s analyze the game while remaining keenly aware of Boston’s spectacular failure rate on Saturdays in front of the Bruins faithful. 

Atlanta Thrashers

The Atlanta Thrashers (33-32-12) have a streak of their own.  Okay, streak is the wrong word, let’s call it a pattern.  Dating back to March 9th, the Thrashers have alternately won and lost during a span of 11 straight games.  They started the trend with a win over the Hurricanes and subsequently lost to the Devils, beat the Flyers, lost to the Devils, defeated the Flyers, lost to the Sabres, beat the Islanders, lost to the Canucks, beat the Senators, lost to the Canadiens and defeated the Flyers again 1-0 on Thursday night.  I don’t think you need IBM’s Watson to figure out this pattern calls for a loss against the Bruins on Saturday afternoon.  But what about the Bruins streak, an irresistible force meeting an immoveable object? 

Boston Bruins

The Boston Bruins (43-23-11) had won 4 of five before their shootout loss to the Maple Leafs on Thursday night and surprisingly dropped the season series 4-2 to their Northeast division rivals who are on life support to make the playoffs.  By collecting that point against the Leafs, the Bruins are virtually locked in as the 3rd seed in the Eastern Conference.  If coach Claude Julien tempers his desire for adding wins to Boston’s regular season record by charting a safe course to avoid injury going into the playoffs, you may see Tim Thomas and the other starters on the pine instead of on the ice. 

The Bruins have lost 2 of three this season against the Thrashers and though Atlanta will not be making a playoff appearance this year it should be noted they have defeated some impressive teams recently.  Well, make that one impressive team being beaten multiple times by the Thrashers.  The Eastern Conference leaders, the Philadelphia Flyers, were beaten three times in the month of March by these playoff starved Thrashers.  Atlanta has a penchant for rising to the occasion against the good teams and lowering their quality of play against the bad.  The Bruins are a good team with a very bad record at home on Saturday.  It looks to me like the streak continues but the pattern breaks. 

NHL Pick: Play Atlanta.