Welcome to my weekly look at all the line movement across the NFL.

We've seen a lot of movement throughout the week from the opening lines, so let's take a look at what's going on around the league and what the public and the sharps are doing to the lines. Info is courtesy of the SBRodds.


Miami Dolphins at Kansas City Chiefs

Line opened at: Chiefs -5

Now: Chiefs -4

Really? The Dolphins are still winless? Murphy's Law is destroying Miami this season. They have been so close to getting wins and it all seems to fall apart at the wrong time. Last week against the Giants was a prefect example. 75% of the action has been on the Chiefs because of their overtime win against San Diego last Monday. Plus, most seem to realize that Arrowhead is a really tough place to play. But the sportsbooks know that the Dolphins have a lot of talent and will not go winless all season. The books are conservative, because Miami literally gets closer every single week.


Atlanta Falcons at Indianapolis Colts

Line opened at: Falcons – 8 ½

Now: Falcons -7

Speaking of winless teams, will the Falcon's struggles on the road take another turn for the worse? Some seem to think so. The Colts did play the Steelers pretty close in Indy, so who's to say it won't happen again this week against the Falcons? Over 10% of the money is on the Colts. Can you imagine the media scrutiny on Atlanta if Indianapolis can pull this one off?


Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints

Line opened at: Saints -9

Now: Saints -8 ½

So, if the Rams played the Saints ten times on a neutral field, how many times would the Rams win? I am willing to bet one is all they would get. The books probably dropped the line just a bit because of the loss, but two thirds of the money being laid is still going on the Saints. The only other reason this one isn't double digits is because Drew Brees threw three interceptions against the Bucs in week six.


Cleveland Browns at Houston Texans

Line opened at: Texans -12

Now: Houston -10 ½

This one has jumped around more than a high school cheerleader on homecoming. It started high, then it dropped below single digits and now its back to double digits. As I'm writing this, news is filtering through that Peyton Hillis re-re-injured his hamstring in practice and who knows what this line will be by Sunday morning. The trend of double digit favorites being questionable will always loom and that may be why 30% of bettors are taking the Browns in this one. Andre Johnson will not play. Keep an eye on this one very carefully. I expect the cheerleader to keep jumping up and down and up and down and up and down..................


New York Jets at Buffalo Bills

Line opened at: Pick em'

Now: Bills -1

Two teams that have more questions then answers; it should definitely be even steven. The public is nearly dead even on this and are slightly more on the Bills because they will be at home. Who knows which two teams will show up and who will forget their game. The San-chise might look like the best or worst quarterback in the league. Ryan Fitzpatrick might throw four touchdowns, or he could retire and move to NYC to become a stock broker before the game. If you are on the spread this weekend, don't say I didn't warn you.


San Francisco 49ers at Washington Redskins

Line opened at: 49ers -4 ½

Now: 49ers -3 ½

The public is all over San Francisco. Are you going to be trendy and try and predict this as the week the  Skins get back on track? The sportsbooks seem to know something the public doesn't because this one baffles me. If the Redskins cover, this would mark a big pay day for the books. I can't tell you how many times I've heard, “well the Rams beat the Saints, right?”


Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys

Line opened at: Cowboys -14 ½

Now: Cowboys -11 ½

Ah how one big loss on the road makes bettors run like the wind to take the big road dog. Dallas losing in Philly last week is the lone reason why this one has dipped so far. The line came out before the Cowboys and Eagles played. Nearly a third of bettors like the Seahawks to cover, because this season it seems, Dallas is America's team to hate on, just turn on Sportscenter any given day.


Cincinnati Bengals at Tennessee Titans

Line opened at: Titans -3

Now: -2 ½

And I would have gotten away with betting the Titans to cover, if it wasn't for those pesky kids! Ah those baby Bengals are growing up so fast! Will we be hearing that all over the forum Sunday night? Most saw the Bengals as a doormat to start the year and now look at them; right in the thick of things in their division. I struggled to find some books who had moved this line. Most have kept it at -3, however, 5Dimes have the Titans as -1 ½ favorites. Apparently the 5Dimes crowd likes the kids this week.


Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders

Line opened at: Raiders -8

Now: Raiders -7 ½

It's Carson Palmer time in Oakland. If this game was played two weeks ago right when Jason Campbell went down and before people realized what the implications of Tim Tebow under center were, I wonder what this line would have been. I'm guessing Oakland would only have been three or four point favorites. The Bronco fans who waste their hard earned money on Tebow boards might be slapping themselves during this one. Will Palmer or Tebow be saved first? (no pun intended)


New York Giants at New England Patriots

Line opened at: Patriots -10

Now: Patriots -9

Well is Eli Manning really in the same league as Tom Brady? Sunday would be another great time to prove it. This is another one that has a 50/50 split in public money. I can only imagine what this line would look like if the Dolphins had beaten the Giants last week. But, will the rematch to Super Bowl XLII have a similar result?


St. Louis Rams at Arizona Cardinals

Line opened at: Cardinals -3 ½

Now: Cardinals -1 ½

Two things are making this line move. First, the Rams beat the Saints. Second, Kevin Kolb and Sam Bradford probably and might not play due to injuries. Once again the public is split with their money and though this game features two teams with approximately two wins, the books obviously know it will be competitive. This is another one that could move a lot more come Sunday, depending on if both starting quarterbacks start or sit.


Green Bay Packers at San Diego Chargers

Line opened at: Packers -7

Now: Packers -5 ½

Will the fourth quarter fumble last Monday night awaken Phillip Rivers and the Chargers against the defending champs? The sportsbooks seem to think so. The books also seem to think that the Charger's 3-0 home record still means something. The public is all over the Packers; of course. Personally, the number of my facebook friends who became Packer fans over night after last February tripled. Which wagon are you on?


Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers

Line opened at: Steelers -3 ½

Now: Steelers -3

Not a whole lot of movement here. Considering every time these two teams hook up its always within a touchdown, it's not surprising. Most including me seem to think that their week one match up was a fluke. This game is going to rival some WWE matches in hate, hype and drama.


Chicago Bears at Philadelphia Eagles

Line opened at: Eagles -7

Now: Eagles -9

Whoa! Apparently one big win and the dream team is back! I think that's all that needs to be said about this one. Even though the public is split yet again, the line has jumped up. Does somebody know something I don't? I'm not ruling out the latter as a possibility, I'm just saying; do you want to just hand the Eagles the NFC East title now? That's what this line is telling me.