Lets take a look at the opening Week 15 NFL odds and see if any NFL picks are showing themselves early this week.

The stretch run is here in the NFL and teams are locked in. Week 14 saw some huge margins of victory and saw nearly an even split in favorites and underdogs covering the NFL betting spreads. Will week 15 prove to be similar? Let's take a look at the early NFL odds boards for week 15. 

Detroit Lions at Oakland Raiders

I lead off with this game because it is the most puzzling game out there, with sportsbooks opening the lines with the Raiders at -1. The Lions had started as one point underdogs, but have quickly moved to one point favorites. I would expect them to continue to lay points.

The Raiders got blasted by the Packers 46-16, while the Lions were able to take care of the Vikings 34-28. Neither of them covered. While Carson Palmer threw four interceptions against Green Bay, the Lions defense picked off Christian Ponder three times and recovered three fumbles for a total of six take aways, (two resulted in a touchdown). This line might end up skyrocketing.

New England Patriots at Denver Broncos 

I'm just itching to see this one. The Patriots held on in DC to beat the Redskins in Week 14, while the Broncos were given an early Christmas present win from the Bears and Marion Barber in their game. If the Broncos can pull this one off, I will denounce every atheist I ever meet for the rest of my life.

The Patriots opened as -5 ½ point favorites and now have moved to -6. I can see this one sticking. Tim Tebow has been a one man Vegas killing machine since he took over. I think by now they have learned their lesson. Every algorithm they have; he blows out of the water. Tebow is unpredictable and the books hate it.


New York Jets at Philadelphia Eagles 

They should call this the trash talk bowl. Philadelphia hasn't done much talking as of late, but the Jets could make up for a whole division's worth of trash talk. Both teams won their week 14 games and covered. The Eagles won convincingly in Miami in Michael Vick's first game back after breaking ribs. The Jets pounded the Chiefs 37-10.

What's funny is that Philadelphia opened up as -1 favorites and faster then you can say Dream Team, they have moved to -3. I'm sorry, did Michael Jordan sign with the Eagles? I didn't think so. Though, these two team's fan bases are crazy; so who knows how many of them are placing home team bets on their squad. Let's see where it goes throughout the week. I would be surprised to see the Jets take more then three points.

Baltimore Ravens at San Diego Chargers 

Another game featuring two teams who won their respective Week 14 games square off here; this time under the lights of Sunday night. Well, it won't be quite dusk in San Diego on kick off, but either way, it should be a pretty good game.

The game started as a pick em' and has moved to have the Ravens anywhere from -1 favorites to -2 ½. Both teams feature high powered offenses, but the Ravens' defense has been their focal point. An AFC playoff berth is probably long out of reach for the Chargers, but they have been playing very well as of late and would love to play spoiler on national television.