Vincent Jackson is holding out for more money from the Chargers but will he get it after his three game suspension? How are the betting odds shaping up for this San Diego team?

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I'm all for the players of the NFL holding out for more money when they deserve it. And, in fairness to WR Vincent Jackson, the San Diego Chargers should be paying him more money after having a few tremendous seasons and becoming one of the top wide outs in the league. However, when the team is ready to play hardball with you, you have to remember that you have signed a contract that you are obligated to stand up to.

Vincent Jackson - NFL PicksJackson needs to get his act together and get back into camp with the Bolts, and in a hurry. Players don't just hold out for a long period of time and get back into the fold right away as the top athletes that they once were. This will influence the NFL betting predictions on the team.

Take a look at what New York Jets DB Darrelle Revis did last week against the Baltimore Ravens. "Revis Island" was invaded a few times, and though Revis was still fantastic, he clearly wasn't in 100% game shape going against one of the best corps of receivers in the NFL.

The Chargers have one other huge problem with their top receiver this year. Jackson has been suspended by the NFL for the first three games that he is eligible for this season due to substance abuse putting down their football odds. What team wants to make a trade and try to sign someone that is going to immediately spend three games on the bench due to some drugs? San Diego didn't like the way that Jackson's offseason went and decided that it was going to be harsh and essentially create a rift between these two sides that simply isn't going to be fixed at any point. The only team that was going to be available for talking to the Chargers about Jackson was the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks really didn't make any sort of move to pick up the Pro Bowler, and though other teams have seemed to be interested in his services, the asking price that the Chargers reportedly have for their top wide out is just far too high.

In fairness to the Chargers, they tried to figure out how to move with some alternative options. Trading a seventh round draft pick to the Dallas Cowboys for WR Patrick Crayton was a good sign for the future. However, at least right away, things aren't going well. Crayton didn't play a role in the 21-14 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night Football last week. Quarterback Philip Rivers did put up respectable numbers, as he went 22-of-39 for 298 yards and two TDs. However, when he was really in need of finding a go to receiver and TE Antonio Gates was covered, there were just no fantastic options to turn to. Give WR Legedu Naanee some credit for catching five passes for 110 yards and a TD on the day. We also expect WR Malcom Floyd to have a good year. So far, only three catches for 48 yards in one game isn't impressive.

Jackson has one more major problem that he has to work with, the Chargers are still going to be the best team in the AFC West with or without him this year. Without the Chargers, Jackson has nothing.

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So memo to Vincent Jackson: Quit this holdout crapola. It's one more year before you can get paid by some other team anyway, so just suck it up, get back on the field, help the Bolts get back to the playoffs once again even though they really don't need you, and then get out of Dodge and get paid.

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