These two defenses were smoked last week – how will they respond in their Week 11 matchup?  Read here as we look at the stats and who is more likely to rebound.

When you give up 59 and 29 points last week, you definitely earn a spot in the defensive overview for this week, in a negative tone.  As we look at Washington at Tennessee, we break down how these defenses performed and what we can look forward to next week.

Currently Tennessee is favored by seven to eight points.  NFL betting odds have a 44-point total at the moment in sportsbooks.

Redskins Victims of On-Fire Eagles

Dominated by Michael Vick and the Eagles, the Redskins suffered an embarrassing 59-28 loss last week.

According to the stats this is not normal for the Redskins, though they are certainly not a good defense this year.  They are ranked 25th against the run and 31st against the pass.  In terms of scoring defense they are 26th, allowing 25.4 points per game.

However after the very first quarter the Redskins gave up more points than their average.  That was just the beginning of the rout as the Eagles had 592 yards on the day.  Michael Vick had a total of six touchdowns including 333 yards passing and 80 yards rushing.

Giving up 37 points to the Lions in the game prior to this, the Redskins have now given up 96 points in the last two games. 

Titans Lose to Dolphins

The Titans lost by a more modest amount in the 29-17 performance against the Dolphins.

Ninth in scoring defense, the Titans are normally more susceptible to the pass (25th at 247.7 passing yards allowed) than the rush (11th at 103.1 rushing yards allowed). Titans Miami quarterbacks combined for 316 yards on the day, though the Dolphins could only muster 88 yards on the ground.

Like the Redskins, the previous performance wasn’t very impressive for the Titans.  They lost to the Chargers by a score of 33-25, where they have now given up 62 points in their last two games.

On the road the past two weeks, the Titans need a rebound performance to stay in the playoff race.


As these two teams face off in Week 11 defense will definitely be a key to the game.  Each team is capable of a better defensive showing in this one – it surely can’t get much worse for the Washington defense at least.

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Keep in mind each of these defenses when you approach this game – Tennessee should be more in line for a bounce-back performance, but we’ll definitely find out soon enough.

Who do you like this weekend: will the Redskins show up on the road or will Tennessee come through at home for the big win?