After Week1, the 49ers are by far the most over rated team in the NFL. Football predictions are that they would be Super Bowl contenders but i'm not buying it.
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Moreover, Seattle was supposed to a doormat in the NFC West division. What I could not believe is that Pete Carroll was the better coach and that a Mike Singletary team showed no emotion and no sense of urgency once they fell behind.

Enter the Saints, who by the way are defending Super Bowl Champions, and the 49ers could easily find themselves 0-2. Keep in mind 49er fans that there have been just three teams in the history of the NFL to start the season 0-2 and then go to win the Super Bowl.

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The biggest problem now facing the 49ers is not the Saints offense, but their defense. The Week1 win against Minnesota was sloppy at spots by both teams, but the Saints executed well in all facets of that game. The Saints tackled well, took care of the ball, and then used a strong running game in the fourth quarter.

The defense used cover-2 for a majority of plays and it was obvious in the first half that the Vikings offensive line was expecting blitzes that never occurred. It was a very effective scheme, but did leave some holes that the 49ers may be able to exploit.

In playing the cover-2, it leaves holes down the seams and this area is normally exploited with the tight end. The 49ers have one of the best tight ends in the NFL in Vernon Davis and quarterback Alex Smith must get the ball to him. Even in base plays getting Davis the ball will augment the entire offensive game plan. He must be a focus point and he must get at least a dozen balls thrown to him.

Now, another ‘issue' I could not believe I was seeing was the inability of the coaching staff and sideline signal callers to get Smith the play. It was not the headsets, but Smith was quite angry on numerous occasions that it took so long for the play to get to him. These negative events happen in the exhibition season and should never occur in Week 1 of the ‘real' season. It is easy to fix, but it remains inexcusable.

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The 49ers went 1 for 15 on third downs for an incredible 6.7% success rate. The dominant reason this occurred was that the 49er offense abandoned the running game and had to throw increasingly on first and second downs. At this level of football even an average defense becomes very good when they can line up and just go after the quarterback and sit in zone coverages.

49ers MUST run the ball effectively on first down to keep the Saints defense honest. The play action pass routes will allow Smith ample time to scan the field and find the open receiver.

This may turn into another low scoring Saints affair and is supported by a system that has gone 34-13 ‘under' for 72.3% winners since 2000. Play ‘under' with any team against the football betting total in conference games in the first two weeks of the year and who did not make the playoffs, but had won their last 2 games.