The Dallas Cowboys led by Tony Romo looked miserable in Week 1 - will they fare better moving forward?
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It was an underwhelming performance on the first Sunday for the Dallas Cowboys this season. Although they were expected to be able to take on the Washington Redskins and perhaps win, they were dubbed as overvalued - and that couldn't have been more accurate.Tony Romo - NFL Pick

What the Cowboys Lacked

The Cowboys seemed to lack a little bit of everything Sunday night. For such a hyped NFL betting pick (a sleeper pick even as a 3.5 point underdog), their performance was epitomized on the last play of the game. Looking to overcome their dismal performance on the last drive of the game, down 6 points, Tony Romo seemed to find Roy Williams in the end zone for a game winning touchdown. In celebration, they quickly realized something quite familiar in the game, The flag. It was something that cost them 81 yards over the course of the 12 penalties they received. It also stripped them of their momentous come-from-behind victory, a more-than-obvious holding call on Alex Barron.

NFL handicappers might have seen this coming. The penalties ate away any chance the Cowboys had at beating the spread, and, more importantly, the Redskins. The Cowboys also managed to add 1 lost turnover, a 5-13 efficiency on 3rd down, and followed through only once in 3 red zone attempts. Yes, 7 points was the result of 24 1st downs, 380 total yards, and 34:03 total possession time.

Tony Romo

The Dallas Cowboys may have been outdone by Tony Romo's senseless play at the end of the first half. At their own 30 yard line, the Cowboys received by ball with 27 seconds. With a few completed passes and a first down, the Cowboys only reached their own 36 yard line (another penalty) with 4 seconds remaining. This is when the unthinkable happened. They ran a play - no, not a knee, or a simple draw up the middle - another passing play. Tashard Choice caught the ball and then met Lorenzo Alexander, Andre Carter, and DeAngelo Hall. Hall stripped the ball and returned the fumble for the Redskins' only touchdown of the game.
This allowed the Redskins to take the momentum into the half, and retrospectively allowed the Redskins to win the game. A game that, not to be confused, the Redskins played very well, looking at the stats from McNabb and Portis.

Wade Phillips later claimed responsibility for that choice. However, that makes it worse. Romo was responsible for the error, regardless of who made the call. Recognizing the game situation, he could have simply thrown the ball out of bounds. Even a longer throw would have made more sense, if the call was to go for a score.


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Whether it is Phillips or Romo to blame, they both represent the errors of the Cowboys' performance Sunday night. Let's hope that such bad decisions don't continue next week, looking ahead to the NFL betting schedule. The Dallas Cowboys (-7) are a favorite against the Chicago Bears (+7), at sportsbooks like Pinnacle Sports and BookMaker. Bodog and BetJamaica give 7.5 point spreads, while others like 5Dimes give 8 point spreads for NFL betting enthusiasts. The total is set to 40.5 for NFL handicappers, check all the football betting lines.

While some are calling the Bears a sleeper pick, it would seem appropriate for the Cowboys to reverse these tendencies against the Bears at home. The Cowboys seem too talented to lose to Chicago - but then again, who knows?

Check out SBR odds to get the best spread whichever way you want to go on this matchup. Will Dallas reverse this downward spiral against the (lucky) Bears? We will see very soon.