There's just no pleasing your average, everyday Philadelphia sports fan who booed Donovan McNabb upon his arrival and then again upon his exit this offseason.

It doesn't feel like it was all that long ago that fans of the Philadelphia Eagles were booing the heck out of the draft selection of QB Donovan McNabb. Those loveable fans from the City of Brotherly Love so badly wanted RB Ricky Williams instead.

Donovan McNabbAll McNabb did was take the team from irrelevance to NFC dominance, including a run to the Super Bowl that nearly ended in a football championship. However, that wasn't good enough, as the man that was booed upon his entry to Philly was essentially booed out of town as well a decade later.

A new era of Philadelphia Eagles football is upon us, and we're going to see whether this team is still worthy of being a team with an 'over/under' of 8.5 wins on the season or not on the NFL odds.

"Fast Rising" Stocks: WRs Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson

Fast being the word to note here. Especially when QB Michael Vick is on the field in the Wildcat formation, the Eagles could have the fastest offense that the league has ever seen. Jackson and Maclin probably make up the fastest duo of receivers that the NFL has to offer.

Jackson, the former Cal Golden Bear, picked up 1,737 all-purpose yards in 2009 with a dozen touchdowns, making him one of the most explosive men in the league whenever he touches the football. Maclin, the rookie out of Mizzou, averaged just under 14 yards per catch and had 773 yards in his first year. "In his second season, Maclin should have no issues having stats equal to or better than those of Jackson in his second year as DeSean will see a lot of double teams in 2010," says Mike Burke of Birdsfan. 

Quarterback Kevin Kolb is used to slinging the ball all over the place from his days at the University of Houston, and we expect nothing more than both Jackson and Maclin to have 1,000 yard seasons this year for the Eagles to survive. These stocks are both worthy of 5* consideration that you can buy at a 3* price right now.

Declining Value: Secondary of the Philadelphia Eagles

Remember when Lito Sheppard, Brian Dawkins, Michael Lewis and Sheldon Brown all were Pro-Bowl caliber defensive backs and the Eagles had the best secondary in the league? No mas.

Brown is the only remaining of the four still on the Eagles roster, and though Asante Samuel joins him at corner, the safeties on this team are simply awful. Marlin Jackson was supposed to step into the fold and help out a pass defense that ranked a woeful 17th in the league last year with 216.4 yards per game allowed, but he ruptured his Achilles tendon in the offseason and will miss the entire '10 campaign. Lucy, we have a problem.

Save DE Trent Cole, there really isn't a pass rusher that is certain to help out this secondary either.  If the Eagles can't get to the quarterback, this unit is going to be left out to dry, especially now that all three teams in the NFC East have competent quarterbacks.

Think McNabb is licking his chops as he prepares for these guys? We sure would be. You're only buying this secondary if you go through at least a couple dozen other secondaries first.

Stock Set to be Run Out of Town: Andy Reid

What makes you think that Reid is going to be accepted in Philly any more than McNabb really was, especially if this team is going to end up missing the playoffs this season? Reid has been talking about retirement for awhile, and he may not have much of an option after the 2010 season.

The Eagles probably aren't going to make the playoffs, and if that's the case, all of those fans that chucked batteries at JD Drew and booed Santa Clause are going to be calling for his head. Bail on Reid's stock while he is still considered one of the premier coaches in the league.

Buying or Selling the Philadelphia Eagles

We find it a bit laughable that the Eagles are the fifth choice to win the NFC at +900 and the 11th choice on the Super Bowl odds at +2300. This absolutely is not a Top 10 team in the NFL and is a team that is going to look just slightly better than your average team in rebuilding mode.

The schedule is just going to be too atrocious for this team to succeed. Two wins in the NFC East might be a triumph, and a slate that includes the AFC South, NFC North plus the San Francisco 49ers and Atlanta Falcons isn't going to be easy at all. We're bailing on Philly right now, and we suggest that you do the same.

Watch Stock Trading the Eagles

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