Join us as we follow the Wild Card Week NFL odds all the way to kickoff, helping you decide when and where to place your NFL picks. How are we predicting the lines to move, and when will the value show up?

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Wild Card NFL Picks: Odds & Lines Update

By: Jordan Sharp


We are just a day away from the start of wildcard weekend in the NFL, and the NFL Odds are starting to move around a bit more than they did earlier in the week. Tomorrow’s two games should be very nice, both in value and in entertainment, so let’s take an exclusive look at just tomorrow’s games, and see what the sportsbooks are throwing at us in the first round of the playoffs.

I stated earlier in the week that I thought the Texans and Bengals line would stay where it’s at, and it seems as if that’s held. The Texans are still -4 ½ home favorites this weekend after opening at -5. This is a rematch of last season’s wildcard game, but the scenarios are much different this time around. The Bengals are a year older and probably wiser, while the Texans will actually have both Andre Johnson and Matt Schaub this time around. While my early lean is on the Texans, I’m not sure if I’m touching this one. The spread is pretty sharp, and the Bengals could easily cover +4 ½.

The night game between the Packers and Vikings is still all over the board, giving me the notion that it might not be settled by the time game time rolls around. You can still get this spread anywhere from -7 ½ to -9 ½ in favor of the Packers, and the public is all over taking the points with Minnesota. This smells like a patented trap by the books, as they are capitalizing on the public’s short memory. Don’t fall head first into the trap. Lay the points with Green Bay.SBR’s Consensus page will show you that is where the real money is going.

Wild Card NFL Picks: Odds & Lines Update

By: Jordan Sharp


We're only a few days away from the kickoff of the NFL wildcard round of the playoffs. We haven't seen too much line movement as of late, but there has been some, giving us the opportunity to take a look at that this morning.

It looks as if the Colts have settled down to +6 ½ underdogs on the road this week in Baltimore. Earlier in the week the number was anywhere between 7 1/2 and 6 1/2, but this seems like the line that will stick up until game time. I'm not quite sure which side of this game a moment. On one hand you have the Colts will been playing fantastic over the last half of the season, and on the other hand you have the wildcard that is the Baltimore Ravens. Can Baltimore cover the spread? The answer is yes. However, this game has too many variables for me to recommend a wager. I think we have to lay off and search for value in the other three games. In the final wild-card game of the weekend, The Seattle Seahawks travel on the road into Washington DC to kick off with the Redskins.

After the spread opened at - 2 ½, the line now sits at -3 in favor of the road Seahawks. Surprisingly, the public is on the Seahawks. I would've suspected that the public would be split on this game, because of the hype of the Redskins playing at home in their first playoff game in a long time. However, Seattle has been playing extremely well recently and their balanced attacks could be too much for the Redskins to handle. Personally, I like the Seahawks in this game. Pete Carroll’s defense will be up to the task of stopping Robert Griffin III.


Wild Card NFL Picks: Odds & Lines Update

By: Jordan Sharp


We are fast approaching the start to the NFL playoffs, and with four wildcard games on tap for this weekend, we need to pick our value carefully, as we don’t have much to choose from. We haven’t seen much movement in the lines just yet, but let’s take another look and see where we think the lines will move to as the week draws to a close.

Green Bay and Minnesota is all over the boards, sitting anywhere from -7 ½ to -8 to even -9 ½ in favor of the Packers. Obviously the line is going to settle down somewhere around those numbers, but where? Currently it looks like the higher side, because although a majority of bets are being placed on the Vikings, the Packers have more money on them at 2/1 to the Vikings. It seems as if the bigger money is on the Packers, while the public sits on what they saw last week and is taking the points with Minnesota. I’m thinking the Packers are the play here, and I expect the line to settle on the higher side, close to 9 ½ points.

Taking +6 ½ points is the Colts on the road in Baltimore this weekend, and the public is all over Andrew Luck and Indianapolis. I’m not quite sold on the spread, but I am sure that this is a line that I can’t recommend either side of.

The Colts are great, but they are great when playing from behind and at home. Plus, I’m not sure what we are going to see from Baltimore’s defense, and to some degree their offense. I can see why people like the Colts here, but can’t bring myself to take the points. If the line travels north of a touchdown however, I might just retract that statement.


Wild Card NFL Picks: Odds & Line Predictions

By: Jordan Sharp


It was an exciting Week 17 of the NFL, as some teams confirmed their playoff spots, and others fell just short of one. We have four really good games coming up this weekend, and all of them have the NFL betting lines out and ready for action.

Bengals vs. Texans

Our first kickoff this weekend will be Saturday, as the Bengals head into Houston to play the Texans. Houston lost out on a first round bye once again this season, and now they play in the first round favored at -4 ½. Houston has been slumping recently, while the Bengals haven’t exactly been playing well either. If you remember, this was a wildcard matchup from last season’s first round as well, a game that the Texans won without Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson and at the time, Mario Williams. This is obviously a new season and new personnel, but I still like the Texans here. I think both the Texans’ defense and offense will have the advantage, and while the Bengals should play well, their offense is not diverse enough to beat the Texans this year either. I also think this spread might go up some before Saturday.

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Vikings vs. Packers

A rematch from just this past Sunday will help kick off the playoffs in the NFC, as the Vikings head into Green Bay this time to play the Packers. The Vikings covered as +3 ½ underdogs this past Week 17 in Minnesota, and now in Green Bay, the Packers jump up all the way to -8 and even -9 ½ at some shops. Green Bay will likely win this game, but if they don’t do a better job at stopping All Day Adrian Peterson, they will do nothing of the sort. Aaron Rodgers and the Packer offense needs to be fully healthy as well, something they haven’t gotten much of this season, so lay off for now, and wait until more injury news comes out.

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Colts vs. Ravens

As we move to Sunday, the AFC has a very nice early game, as the Ravens host the young Colts. Baltimore is a -6 ½ favorite in this one, and while I think they will be able to score on the Colts, being able to stop them on defense is another story. This spread has already dropped from -7 to -6 ½, and I think you can expect it to continue to drop a little. The Colts’ offense is very good, and the Ravens’ defense is so banged up that they might have some troubles in this game. I think the Colts taking almost a touchdown is great value for Sunday.

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Seahawks vs. Redskins

In our wildcard finale, the Seahawks travel into Washington to face another rookie sensation, but this time the road team is favored. Seattle is a -3 road favorite, and as well they should be. Seattle is one of the hottest teams in the NFL right now, and while the Redskins will put up a fight, Robert Griffin III is still not 100% with his knee after watching him run around Sunday night against the Cowboys, and Seattle’s defense is really tough. Even though they aren’t the same team on the road as they are in Seattle. I think this spread is right where it is going to stay. I am personally laying off that game however, as anything could go. I also think the spread will go to -3 ½, which is almost an un-bettable number in the playoffs.  

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