Join us as we follow the Week 16 NFL odds all the way to kickoff, helping you decide when and where to place your NFL picks. How are we predicting the lines to move, and when will the value show up?

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NFL Picks Week 16: Saturday Betting Odds Update

By: Jordan Sharp -


The Falcons and Lions are but hours away from kicking off Week 16. The remainder of the week's slate, of course, takes place tomorrow, so let’s take one last look at the NFL odds out to see if there is any value left.

It looks as if the Redskins have moved to being a solid -7 favorite this week on the road in Philadelphia. After watching this line all week, I’ve decided that even though the Skins look tempting, I’m thinking the value might be with the home underdogs. Philadelphia is not a bad team right now, and Nick Foles is starting to play well. I think the return of Robert Griffin III is being hyped just a bit too much.

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It seems as if another big home underdog is settling to around +7 as well. The Chiefs host another rookie sensation this week when Andrew Luck and the Colts, -7 favorites, come to town. One of these rookies will fail to cover, and I still think it’s Griffin. The Colts are in the playoff hunt, and a win will guarantee them a wildcard spot. I think Luck and the Colts will be the ones who cover. 

The public is on the Browns on the road this week for some odd reason as Cleveland heads into the Mile High City. After opening at +14 on the road, the Browns have been moved down to +13 with heavy action on them. According to the SBR Consensus Data page, the Broncos haven’t taken much money at all. In my eyes, this means run and go bet on Peyton Manning. I see no way the Browns cover this one.


NFL Picks Week 16: Friday Betting Odds Update

By: Jordan Sharp -


It’s Friday, which means the official kickoff to the NFL is just 24 hours away. Most of the NFL Odds have settled down but there are a few that are holding out. Let’s take a brief look at some of the spreads that seem to still have value here late in Week 16.

You can still find the Saints at +3 and even +2 ½ at some shops, and I think it’s almost certain that the Cowboys will lose. Dallas has a way of letting you down after building you up, and after a few good wins, this is prime time to send the Boys packing for the playoffs. I think the Saints are going to be the ones who do it, as they are wanting to make up for their post season lapse this season.

I think the public is dead wrong in the Dolphins and Bills game. Buffalo has the ability to win this game on the road, and I think the Dolphins give them a good shot at it.  The Bills are +4 ½ underdogs, and they are one of my underdog picks in my teaser article this week. Miami is still having troubles, and the Bills’ defense can play, if they show up.

Even though it’s sitting at -14 ½, I still think the Patriots are a pretty solid bet this week. Along with their team total, New England’s spread isn’t that tough. The Jags won’t be competitive in this game, and the Pats are going to bounce back from their bad loss against the 49ers at home. Especially if Rob Gronkowski plays, the Pats will probably keep their foot on the gas pedal for most of the game.


NFL Picks Week 16: Thursday Betting Odds Update

By: Jordan Sharp -


We are almost to the end of the work week, and the NFL betting lines are starting to settle for Week 16 of the NFL. NFL Odds for this week have been kind of conservative. With the exception of three massive spreads, almost every other line is a touchdown or less. That means in theory that we should see an exciting and close week of football.

Only a few sportsbooks are holding out on the Saints this week. Some still have the Cowboys as -3 favorites, but almost every other book has this spread as -1 in favor of the Cowboys. I think this one should have opened up as a pick em, in order for the bettors to create the market. The books might be screwed now either way this one goes, unless the Cowboys can blow out the Saints.

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I’m a little surprised that more people aren’t on the Colts this week in Kansas City. Still the line has only moved a half point or one point above what it opened at, which was -6 Colts. There is still plenty of time before kickoff, but I think we can expect some more money on the Colts before kickoff on Sunday.

As Thursday hits, we still don’t have anything close to a consensus on the Seahawks and 49ers spread. The 49ers and Seahawks can still be found as favorites. The margin is slowly thinning from where it opened, which had the 49ers as +100. Now you can’t get either of them without juicing just a little, and I’ve seen it as high as 49ers -120 now on the road. That’s a big shift in the spread for this game. SBR Consensus data hasn’t shown us anything just yet, but I expect in the next 24 hours to know a lot more about where most of the money has gone in this one.


NFL Picks Week 16: Wednesday Betting Odds Update

By: Jordan Sharp -


Wednesday brings about the middle of the work week, and while normally we would have the Thursday game to discuss, the end of the NFL season ends those monstrosities. Lines have been up for close to 72 hours, and already there has been some slight movement. Let’s take a look at a few games that have already seen some big dips or increases from the opening lines.

As expected, the Saints are sharply dropping from +3 underdogs, and now are moving closer to +1. Not every book has taken the plunge yet, as there are several that still have the line sitting at +3. I think we will see it settle somewhere in between three and one point, however, I do expect a half point on the closing line.

After opening as -3 favorites at home, the Jets have plummeted since their horrible Monday night performance and due to the fact that Greg McElroy has been named the starter for New York against the Chargers. San Diego can play well, they just chose not to most of the time, so this line is almost unbeatable now that it creeps closer to a pick em.

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Finally, after opening as a pick em, the Giants have become solid road favorites this week against the Ravens. The Giants are at least -1 favorites, and some books have added the half point, or even have the line as high as -2 ½ in favor of the road team. The Ravens have done everything but crumble under what was their foundation, and despite their loss, nay their massacre at the hands of the Falcons, I haven’t lost faith in the Giants as playoff contenders. They could very easily dominate the Ravens like they did the Saints two weeks ago.


NFL Picks Week 16: Tuesday Betting Odds Update

By: Jordan Sharp -


NFL odds have been released for each of the Week 16 matchups, and there already is some nice value emerging. It is still early in the week, so let’s take a look at some of those unsettled lines to decide if there is any value on the board.

No more Thursday games for the season, but now we enter the Saturday game realm, where we will witness the Falcons on the road against Detroit. After their impressive win over the Giants, NFL odds makers have installed the Falcons as -4 road favorites, Obviously the public likes the Falcons, but their road problems are yet to be fully solved, so I understand if you like the Lions. I’m laying off, but I don’t expect the line to move too much.

The Panthers are a huge -9.5 favorites at home against the Raiders. Both teams earned the "W" this past week, but only one was actually able to score a touchdown in their game. The Raiders are not a good team at all, but against the Carolina defense that is more that capable of giving up points, I don’t know what to think about this spread. Both teams should score at will, and if that’s the case, Oakland might be the play.

Finally, we’ll skip ahead to Sunday night, where the Seahawks host the 49ers in what should be a great finale to Week 16. After opening to favor the Seahawks by -1, the 49ers beat New England, and all of a sudden, the line shifts to favor the road 49ers by -1. This game is going to be intense, and while I’m laying off the spread, the total of 39 points looks nice.

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NFL Picks Week 16: Opening Odds & Line Movement Predictions

By: Jordan Sharp -


Week 16 of the NFL is here, which means we are ever so close to the end of the regular season. The NFL betting lines for this week are almost all out and ready for wagering, and there are several that have caught my eye. Let’s take a look at those spreads and decide of there is value in the line right now, or if we should wait until later in the week.

We are done with Thursday night football games, but Saturday takes over quite nicely for those early week monstrosities, as the Falcons head into Detroit this Saturday night. The Falcons are coming off a brilliant blowout win over the New York Giants, and now they are -3 ½ road favorites in Detroit. It was evident that the Lions are in fact not good in Week 15, when they go embarrassed by the Cardinals. Even though they are on the road, I like the Falcons.

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After opening at +3 ½ road underdogs, the Bengals have started to grow. Cincy is in Pittsburgh this week and as I state in my video I thought this line would stick to around 3 ½ points, however, now the Steelers sit as -4 ½ favorites.

Image previewThe Patriots are still two touchdown favorites over the Jaguars this week in Jacksonville. They opened at -15 ½ favorites, but as you can expect, at this point in the season, people have been quick to take the points with Jacksonville, despite how bad they have been. People, don’t just gable and take the biggest underdog you can find every week. I think the Pats will destroy Jacksonville after their loss to the 49ers over the weekend, and I don’t see anywhere but -14 that I would go with this game. 

Surprisingly, the Saints are underdogs this week as they travel to Dallas. The Cowboys got another late field goal to win a game over the weekend, and now Dallas is a -3 home favorite against the Saints. I obviously think the Saints will win this one, but I think that’s exactly what the sportsbooks want me to think. The Saints’ defense is still pretty bad, despite giving up no points to the Bucs in their 41-0 win in Week 15. I always think the Cowboys have a shot at blowing a game, so add the New Orleans Saints to your NFL picks when you get a chance. 

Another big underdog is the Browns on the road in Denver to face the Broncos. Cleveland is a +13 ½ and +14 underdog this week, and well they should be. Even though I was high on Cleveland this past Sunday, I can not be this week. Against Peyton Manning, the upstart Browns defense will likely be picked apart, while the Browns ‘offense has starter to fizzle out this season. It will be hard for Brandon Weeden and the Browns’ offense to keep up with Manning for the whole game.

Finally, Sunday Night Football should be a great showdown between  the Niners and Seahawks. This game is a pick em from Seattle, but I do see some of the books starting to shift more towards the Niners being favored. The Seahawks opened as favorites, but after San Francisco’s big win on Sunday night, the public has started in on them.