Join us as we follow the Week 15 NFL odds all the way to kickoff, helping you decide when and where to place your NFL picks. How are we predicting the lines to move, and when will the value show up?

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NFL Picks Week 15: Saturday Odds Update

By: Jordan Sharp -


NFL Line movement blog update It’s just one day away from the rest of the NFL’s Week 15 games, and heavier action on these lines should start anytime now. With no college football to distract today, NFL Odds should be moving rapidly once again. Let’s take a look at a few lines that seem interesting or might be still holding some value despite it being Saturday.

The public still favors the New York Giants on the road this week in Atlanta, but despite 63% of bets coming in on the Giants, the Falcons have moved to -1 and now even -1 ½ and -2 in some instances. Not sure why this is other than some sharp money on Atlanta. Currently, via the SBR Consensus Data page, 68% of the money being bet is on the Falcons at home, so that might be the way to go, considering the smaller bets are on the Giants.

A line that still hasn’t settled is the Vikings in St. Louis to face the Rams this week. After opening at -3 Rams, lines are still scattered all over the place, some still at -3, and others all the way down to -1 Rams. Currently, the public and a majority of the money is on the Vikings, leading me to believe that the play is probably the Rams. Even though Adrian Peterson is going to run wild on them, I think the Rams can play solid enough to get this home win.

Finally, a line that has been a rollercoaster all week is the Colts in Houston to face the Texans. After opening at +10 ½ underdogs, the Colts plummeted to +8 and +8 ½. However, now that we are at the end of the week, the line has slowly been bet right back up almost to where it started. I know the Colts are tempting, but unless it’s in a teaser, I wouldn’t touch this spread.

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NFL Picks Week 15: Friday Odds Update

By: Jordan Sharp -


NFL Line movement blog update

NFL BettingWe have reached the 48 hour mark in Week 15 of the NFL, and lines have settled down with the exception of a few holdouts. There may still be some value poking its’ head out, so let’s take a look at some of the games I have had my eye on this entire week.

The Packers are taking nearly 95% of the money being wagered this week in their game against the Bears in Chicago, and I can already tell you this smells like a trap. I see no reason why the books have kept the line at an even +3 for the home Bears, and there is literally 20 dollars being spent on the Packers for every one dollar being spent on the Bears. I think a value bet on Chicago might be in order.

Another game very similar to that one is the Lions on the road in Arizona this week to face the Cardinals. Detroit is taking nearly 94% of the money being wagered on this game. It’s not nearly as much as the money on Green Bay this week, but it is still 13 dollars on the Lions for every one spent on the Cardinals.

Finally, a game getting plenty of action is the 49ers on the road in New England this weekend. The Pats are -5 ½ favorites in most shops, and even though the line hasn’t settled, I’m betting it will settle around there or -6 for the Patriots. New England is taking over 70% of the money being wagered in this one, but I doubt the books are rooting for the Niners that much, because I’m sure they have plenty of teasers that have the Niners taking over ten points. 


NFL Picks Week 15: Thursday Odds Update

By: Jordan Sharp -


Thursday is here, which means the official kick off to Week 15 of the NFL is here at last. Sunday will be here before you know it, which means if you haven’t already, now is the time to start thinking about the NFL. Let’s take a look at the game this evening, and check out others as well to see if value still is poking its’ head out.

The game this evening between the Bengals and Eagles, Cincinnati comes in as a -4 road favorite. The Bengals opened at -3, but were quickly bet up to four points earlier in the week. While everyone is looking at the Eagles as a lost cause right now, it wouldn’t surprise me if the books took advantage of that and they had a good ATS record to finish the season. I normally don’t like Thursday games because they are so fluky, and I’m including this one in there as well.

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I’m not sure why, but the public is all over the Saints right now laying -3 ½ at home this week against the Bucs. I myself would fade Joe public on this one and go the other way. The Saints’ offense is great, however their defense may be one of the NFL’s worst. Tampa Bay on the other hand can actually stop people sometimes. It is mostly on the ground, but still, I think the -3 ½ is a trap.

Word now that Robert Griffin III will play (or at least try to being less than 100%) in Sunday’s game in Cleveland has pushed the early two lines up from a pick em to -1 in favor of the road Redskins. If Griffin does play, he is going to be less than 100%. So, if the Skins get hyped up all week once Griffin’s status is confirmed, taking a few points with the Browns might be the way to go. They have won three straight and their defense is giving up only 12 points per game over those three games.


NFL Picks Week 15: Wednesday Odds Update

By: Jordan Sharp -


We have reached the middle of the work week already, and it seems like only yesterday that I was sitting on my couch watching the Week 14 games. The NFL betting lines are ripe and ready for picking this week, and we have several key matchups ATS and for the playoffs.

It appears that after some action on the Packers, that the Bears will be an even +3 home underdog against the Packers this weekend. This game will be for control of the NFC North with two games to go, and after word that Jay Cutler’s injury wasn’t as serious as some thought, it appears that Chicago might be a good bet. I know they haven’t beaten the Bears in a while, but I also know that the Packers are not invincible this season like in the last two seasons.

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You can still get the line between the Vikings and Rams anywhere from -1 Rams to -3 Rams. Right now I can say that getting St. Louis by -1 right now is good value. St. Louis is an average football team, and the Vikings were a playoff contender, but have showed their true colors recently. I really like the Rams in this one, so get it at -1 while you can before it shoots up to -3 ½ or higher.

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The Colts are dropping ever so steadily, as they opened at +9 ½ underdogs, and are now shrinking to +9 and +8 ½. I think everyone including the public saw that 9 ½ points were too high, and you can probable expect it to drop a little bit before kickoff. Andrew Luck is a back door covering machine this season, and the Texans’ defense has look awful in the last month.


NFL Picks Week 15: Tuesday Odds Update

By: Jordan Sharp -


It's Tuesday, but we are still seeing opening line fluctuation and some spreads still not up and ready for action. Let’s look at a few of the more interesting lines and see if there is value in any of the Week 15 NFL odds. 

It does appear that the Giants are sticking as +1 underdogs in Atlanta this weekend, but there's still plenty of time for that to change. However, I’m not waiting for it, too. I know the Falcons are a good team playing at home. However, the Giants turned the corner this weekend, and I think it’s a good possibility that the Falcons lose. As long as New York’s defense can disrupt the Falcon offense, they will get the win. I don’t even think Atlanta is one of the three best teams in the NFL right now, so take a look at the G-Men. 

The Bears are a +3 home underdog against the visiting Packers this Sunday, in what will surely be a nice friendly game of football here in December - yeah, right. As expected, early money is all over Green Bay, and why would you blame anyone for betting Green Bay. And, this is coming from a Bears fan. Chicago has been decimated by injuries; Brian Urlacher and Tim Jennings will both likely be out of this game. Plus, Jay Cutler is banged up with a neck injury after getting pummeled in last week’s game. I’m running as far away from this game as possible

The Redskins head to Cleveland - in what is so far an unlined game - to face the Browns; this is absolutely because of the uncertainty behind Robert Griffin III, who has a Grade 1 knee sprain (mild) and is questionable for Week 15. We should know more by tomorrow’s practice.



NFL Picks: Week 15 Opening Odds

By: Jordan Sharp -


Starting on Thursday night, where the Bengals are -3 road favorites in Philadelphia to face the Eagles. Cincinnati lost in the last seconds of their game against Dallas in Week 14, and with that loss it dropped them out of the playoff picture for now. Now on the road against a slowly improving Eagles team, this looks like a must win for the Bengals. Currently over 70% of bets coming in are on the Bengals, so be cautious and watch the line movement today.

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Image previewAfter opening as a pick em, the Giants are +1 underdogs against the Falcons in Atlanta this weekend. After an impressive win over the Saints, the Giants find themselves a one or even a two point underdog against a team that lost last week. Alas, the Falcons’ road woes are neither here nor there this week, because this game is in the Georgia Dome. The Giants will probably settle around +2 ½ underdogs before Sunday.

The Seahawks are a -4 favorite this week, but they are of course, on the road in Buffalo. The Hawks are a desperate 2-5 SU on the road this season, and the public is coming right into the giant money trap. The Bills may have looked awful last week, but this is a team that at any given moment can drop 30 points on a team. Seattle’s defense is good, but so is Buffalo’s. If the NFL betting lines gets too high expect it to come back down. Especially if it gets to a touchdown. 

The Steelers are in Dallas this weekend and the line is dead even at a pick em. The Steelers have a slight edge in the money but nothing too serious, and I expect it to stay around a pick em throughout the week. These two teams are really close this season in talent, and they don’t play one another that often, so this one is as interesting as ever. The Steelers are hanging onto the final wildcard spot in the AFC with three games to play, while the Cowboys are two games back of the Bears for the final NFC wildcard. Both look at this one as a must win. I would lay off. 

Sunday night should be another great game, as the 49ers travel east into Boston to face off against the Patriots. New England has opened up as a -3 home favorite, and I think much like the above mentioned Steelers versus Cowboys game, we’re going to see some action on both sides of this line. Pending tonight’s result against the Texans, the Pats will come in as the public’s favorite. I also think that the Pats will beat the Texans this evening, so if you are in the same line of thinking as I am, I suggest you lay the points for next week while also laying them for tonight. New England is like doubling down on a 10 or 11 in blackjack right now.