Join us as we follow the Week 13 NFL odds all the way to kickoff, helping you decide when and where to place your NFL picks. How are we predicting the lines to move, and when will the value show up?

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Week 13 NFL Picks: Wednesday Odds & Line Movement Update

By: Jordan Sharp


The Chicago Bears continue to open up as -3 ½ and -4 home favorites against he Seahawks. This is a tough game to handicap, but I’m still surprised it hasn’t moved more. Obviously Matt Forte for the Bears is banged up with an ankle injury. His status is still up in the air, and although the injury doesn’t appear to be serious, it looks as if the Bears might sit Forte this week. Seattle on the other hand still could be without their top two corners, but we have yet to hear new word from the commissioner on the appeals hearing. Right now, I like the Bears, but later in the week, this line is going to shift a lot one way or another.

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The public seems to love the Colts taking points in Detroit this week, but the line has gone nowhere as of now. In fact, as few books have it as high as -5 Lions, making that a half point higher than where it opened. It seems like the Colts should be closer to +3 ½, but with this kind of line, I would lay off until later in the week.

After opening at +6, the Jaguars are starting to shrink down a bit against the Bills. However, the weather this time of season in Buffalo is mightily rough, and if it snows, (or rains which looks likely now) the Jags could have trouble throwing the ball with Chad Henne. I actually think that if the line shrinks much lower, the Bills might have excellent value.

Finally, Houston looks like they are settling to only a -6 favorite against the Titans this week on the road. The Texan defense is struggling right now, and the Titans’ offense is going to start working well under Jake Locker any week now. This line scares me, and I think it’s pretty dead to me right now pending further movement later in the week. 


Week 13 NFL Picks: Tuesday Odds & Line Movement Update

By: Jordan Sharp


After opening at only -1, the Panthers’ line is now trending up after their MNF win over the Eagles. Cam Newton has his best game of the season, and now this week against the Chiefs, the Panthers are -2 ½ and -3 favorites. I mentioned that I thought it would get this high if the Panthers won on Monday, and indeed it did. However, if it moves too far upward, there is going to be money put on the Chiefs coming back the other way. The Panthers are on high from a rare win, and this could be a trap game considering the Panthers play the Falcons in Week 14.

The Bucs head into Denver this week, and after opening at -6 ½, the Broncos have jumped all the way up to -7 and -9 in some cases. This is a little surprising, considering I thought yesterday that the Bucs would see the most action. What baffles me and makes me want to run away is the fact that Tampa Bay has taken almost 2/3 of the bets and even though the public is heavy on the Bucs, the line has gone up. Unless you got in on the Broncos earlier, I would stay away from this game.

Finally, Cincinnati and San Diego opened as a pick em, but has quickly jumped to favor the road Bengals by -1 and -1 ½. This was due to the large influx of money that came in on the Bengals, and although the Chargers look bad right now, they should not be much more than a one or two point underdog in this game. If the line gets bet up too much, I am almost certain you should see some money coming in on the Chargers as road underdogs.


Week 13 NFL Picks: Opening Odds & Line Movement Predictions

By: Jordan Sharp


I hope you all had an excellent holiday and Week 12 of the NFL, but if you didn’t, don’t waste your time trying to decide if you think the Panthers or Eagles are going to cover, just save that cash and put it towards Week 13 of the NFL.

NFL betting lines are out and ready for the taking for Week 13, and with just a few exceptions here on Monday, you can get really goo early value in the NFL on all games. There are no more byes, and these damn Thursday games are almost over. In fact, this week’s actually could be a good game.

Matt Ryan

It’s a miracle that the Thursday night game is actually worth watching! The Falcons host the New Orleans Saints in what will trump all other Thursday Night games combined. The line opened at -3 ½ in favor of the Falcons at home, and I don’t expect it to move too much from here. Although the public is heavy on the Saints as expected, this line is right where this game should be. It would favor the Saints by about the same amount if the game where in New Orleans.

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Chicago is only a -3 ½ favorite at home against the Seahawks this week, and if you can get this line right now, I suggest you pound the Bears. Seattle’s top two cornerbacks Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner are facing 4 game suspensions for PED usage, and even though they are appealing, this is going to have massive effects on the Seattle defense. Their appeals could be heard this week, and if they are upheld, I’m putting a huge play on the Bears. Even before, I think we can agree that this number right now could be a bargain if the suspensions are upheld. I’d take a shot at it right now as well.

The 49ers are only a -7 favorite on the road in St. Louis this week. After the Rams dominated the Cardinals last week, and the 49ers took care of the Saints, it looks as if this line is solid. The only thing I could say about it is I bet it will settle at 7 ½ points in favor of the 49ers. That way the books will take out the push possibility.

Most books are still waiting on the outcome of the Monday Night Football game before they out the lines for the Eagles and Panthers’ games next week. However, in the game between the Panthers and Chiefs, The Greek has the Panthers as -1 road favorites, and they are the only book taking action on that line. I think the Panthers will win tonight, which will likely make the line officially open a little higher than just a point. However, I do think the Chiefs are still a solid football team, and a team like the Panthers should not be more than a couple point favorites against them on the road, no matter what happens tonight, barring major injury of course.

Finally, we travel all the way to a week from tonight, where the Giants go on the road to Washington to face off against the Redskins. Only two sportsbooks have the line out currently. BetOnline has the Giants as -2 ½ favorites on the road, while The Greek has the spread as an even pick em. This is surprising to have this much of a distance between two book’s lines, even this early in the week. Watch this one closely, but if you have a play now, The Greek is your place to go.