Geno reviews what went wrong and what went right in his Wildcard Weekend and ends with his final BCS pick this year.

Wow… is anyone done being amazed at how many Monday mornings we sit here finding ourselves blown away by the heroics of Tim Tebow. I’d love to say I told you so, but was on the Steelers, and the loss left me at an even 2-2 with my NFL picks

We all got what we deserved if we haven’t jumped on board with Swingin Johnson who had his second straight perfect week going 4-0. You da’ man Swingin’…. stay hot and here’s hoping we’re all smart enough to take a ride with you this coming week.

So lets take a quick peek at where I went wrong and right this week, and also get you the winner for tonight’s BCS Championship game. Oh and for all of you SiruisXM subscribers—you can tune in tonight at 9 and hear daddy chat up our little forum on Howard 101’s Ferrall show! 

TJ Yates

Texans 31 Bengals 10

As I predicted, everyone was so focused on QB’s this game and how Andy Dalton was a #1 Draft pick facing a third stringer coming off of a head injury. The real story, however, was how Wade Phillips keeps making daddy Bum Phillips proud, as the Texans have one of the top defenses in football and gave Cinci fits all day; not only stymieing them on the field but confusing the young Dalton with so many different schemes. 

Dalton got so confused that at one point he literally called two timeout over the course of three plays—but isn’t that like a red-headed stepchild—constantly finding himself in timeout? 

On the other side of the ball, Arian Foster continues to impress and carry his team on his back. By the way, remember it’s spelled with an “i” not with a “y.” If you have trouble remembering just watch the history channel and you’ll realize no Aryans ever could get through defensive lines this deep into winter. Still my question after this game and Cinci’s playoff run is who get’s AFC rookie of the year; I give it to Dalton over Cam, you? 

Saints 45 Lions 28

I watched this cover slip through my hands the moment the ball squirted through the hands of CB Aaron Berry with the Lions trailing by only three early in the 4th quarter with the Saints about to score.

It goes without saying this could have changed the face of the game around. Still as millions of Lions fans lamented, Berry had the cajones to tweet “Y’all can go back to being Broke & Miserable…now back to regular scheduled programming…” looks like someone fields his position as well as he does criticism.

 Some people think a lot of calls have gone against Detroit over the past two weeks and you can feel free to gripe with them or you can realize that questionable officiating is just a part of the game and you need to be able to overcome it in today’s REPLAY-driven NFL.

If you don’t believe me; look no further than the Steelers win over Seattle in Super Bowl XL. While everyone remembers Pitt getting a few crucial questionable calls, they tend to forget the AFC Championship game the previous week in which the officials were so set on giving the win to the Colts they called a clear Polamalu pick an incompletion. Only Big Ben’s game saving tackle on Bettis’s fumble gave Pitt the game. 

So overcome it rather than whine about it like Lions safety Chris Harris—who Sunday after reading a headline saying the Lions were “torched” by the Saints—said the writer could have used “a better adjective.” Anyone want to tell this guy that “torched” is a verb. Maybe the Saints didn’t need to use an offensive playbook much as an English book to get separation from Harris, as it’s apparent he’s never been within five yards of one. 

Giants 24 Falcons 2

The Falcons “peeped” early, as they opened the scoring when Eli Manning was called for grounded in the endzone, only to watch the Giants score the game’s final 24 points. While I’d love to say that I nailed this one with my analysis of the game in my video—I pointed out that Atlanta doesn’t play well outside and the real problem was that the Falcons absolutely stink in short yardage situation.

You would think that Smith learned his lesson in his team’s 26-23 loss to the N’awlins back in November, when Smith went for it on 4th and inches in FG range—oh did I mention it was New Orleans field goal range.

His team was stopped and The Saints came marching in immediately to kick the game winner.

That was week 10 and—literally 8 weeks later—Atlanta has shown zero improvement in the short yardage package, as they were twice stopped on critical 4th and inches situations against the G-men in the second quarter—anyone else besides half the forum think they should have Matt Bryant kicking, as either situation would have given them the lead?

No disrespect to the G-men’s offense which looked solid under Coach Tom Coughlin, who was already in playoff mode from last week’s winner take all game against Dallas, but the visiting Falcons looked less like a football team and more like Special Olympians suffering from 4th Down Syndrome. 

Broncos 29 Steelers 23

When will I learn not to go against Tim Tebow, as even when I do, I find myself rooting for him on the field. Score another point for Catholic guilt. Regardless, I give full credit to the entire Denver team for this win, especially John Fox, who used every ounce of his resources to formulate a winning game plan against the defending AFC champs this year.

The only people this game should aggravate more than Steelers fans are Chargers fans who are saddled for another year with Norv who has steadily regressed with Pro-bowler Phillip Rivers while John Fox in his first year has come in and built a playoff winner with a RB starting under center. And while that is insulting to Charger fans, maybe the real insult is to Denver fans who wake up this morning as mile high as they’ve ever been only to find Vegas making them a 13.5 point underdog to the Pats. Nobody puts Tebow in a corner. 

Look for Tyrann to badger the Tide all night...Geno’s Picks

(14-10 ATS NCAA)

LSU -2.5 vs. ‘Bama

The last time these two teams met, there was a day of overhype for each of the 15 total points scored. Now they get to play each other again in the real game everyone predicted this to be a precursor of. This game will be even more exciting to watch but after such prolonged periods off I see rusty offenses and another low-scoring game which is why I believe the X-factor will be LSU’s Tyrann Mathieu, aka The Honey Badger.

No player on ‘Bama has a nickname nearly that cute—unless they dig up Bear Bryant—and, whether they do or not, look for something to be stinking on the Alabama side of the ball. Oh, and if you don’t like my LSU joke—then go take a look at John Ryan and see what he thinks. Not like we don’t give you plenty of options here at the SBRForum but I say…

Sweeten up LSU and the Honey badger -2.5

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