We look back at the weekend that just was in the NFL and consider some of the more profoundly stupid actions, statements and reactions as we ask… What were you thinking?

Todd Haley, Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach, What Were You Thinking…?

When you didn’t shake opposing head coach Josh McDaniels hand after a 49-29 beatdown in Denver?

Haley refused to shake McDaniels hand and wagged his finger at him as well in what he called a “private moment”.

So, Todd, what are you really angry about?

At a closer look, the Chiefs outscored the Broncos 19-14 in the second half, so McDaniels can’t be fully accused of running up the score.

What Haley is really angry about is that his team was down 35-0 before the blink of an eye and to be quite frank, they just didn’t show up to play on Sunday. If Haley has anyone to be pointing a finger at, it’s at himself for his shoddy preparation.

And he’s probably even more pissed that his team has been exposed in the last two weeks and their once-comfortable lead in the AFC West has all of the sudden disappeared.

The Chiefs are now in second place with the San Diego Chargers just a game behind. Kansas City has now lost four of their last six games with their only wins coming against Jacksonville and Buffalo.

Chansi Stuckey, Cleveland Browns Wide Receiver, What Were You Thinking…?

When you fumbled the ball with your team in field goal range in overtime?

On a third-and-four in overtime, Stuckey made a huge catch to move the chains and get the ball to the New York Jets 32-yard line. But instead of running out of bounds, Stuckey tried to fight for a meaningless yard, the Jets held him up and stripped him of the football.

The Browns would never cross their own 44-yard line again the rest of the way and eventually lost when Santonio Holmes slipped through their secondary and ran into the end zone with just 24 seconds remaining.

There are times to fight for yardage and there are times to go out of bounds. This was the latter.

Cleveland Browns fans felt the sting of a bad loss once again. Just as it looked like they had turned a corner and were about to complete a third straight win against an elite NFL team, they suffered another painful loss like only the Browns franchise (and maybe Lions and Cardinals) can.

Jermaine Gresham, Cincinnati Bengals Tight End, What Were You Thinking…?

When you fumbled away a chance to steal a win in Indianapolis?

Speaking of franchises that suffer painstaking losses, the Cincinnati Bungles appear to have returned. Coming off a sour loss on Monday Night Football where a fervent comeback fell short, the Bengals picked themselves off the mat and were in great shape to steal a win against the Colts.

The Bengals, who faced deficits of 17-3 and 23-10, scored a touchdown with 2:33 remaining to cut the lead to 23-17. On the ensuing kickoff, they recovered the ball at the Colts 40-yard line and looked to be in perfect shape to run the two-minute drill…until their first play on offense.

Palmer found rookie tight end Jermaine Gresham over the middle for a six-yard gain but as he was fighting for yards, he fumbled the ball and the Colts recovered. Game over.

Props to the Bengals for fighting back from a big deficit for a second straight week – especially since they really don’t have much to play for – but these heart-wrenching losses have to stop as they are shortening the lifespan of their fan base.

New York Giants Defensive Line, What Were You Thinking…?

When you played as soft as one of Justin Tuck’s five-dollar foot long Subway subs on Sunday?

The Giants defensive line, who had a reputation of knocking out quarterbacks all season long, allowed Cowboys quarterback Jon Kitna to stay upright all game long and pick them apart.

In the first meeting between the teams just three weeks ago, the Giants had three sacks and seven quarterback hits – one of which removed Tony Romo from the game.

Kitna and the entire Dallas Cowboys offense looked as good as they had all year as the Giants produced no pressure. Kitna finished with 327 passing yards and three touchdowns while the Cowboys offense connected on five plays of 25 yards or longer.

Who was it that was saying the Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell should be up for a head coaching job this offseason? And who was it that was saying that the Giants are the best team in the NFC?

Think again in both cases as this is a wakeup call that the Giants still have the Jekyll-Hyde in their system.