The NFL season never really ends. Now, one month after the draft, with teams conducting OTAs and getting a close-up look at some of the new talent, they're also weighing their options as to how to address weaknesses by means of trades.

One way to do that, of course, is through trades. But the NFL isn't like other pro sports leagues, in that big trades are fairly rare. Trade rumors abound, but such talk is often the product of contract negotiations, or idle speculation, or just wishful thinking.

Here's the scoop on a couple of the more interesting NFL trade rumors we've come across, and a quick look at how these deals might affect the futures betting odds of the teams involved.

Mike Jenkins 

Mike JenkinsTrade rumors about Dallas CB Mike Jenkins started as soon as the Cowboys moved up in the draft to take LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne with the sixth overall pick. Now word is Jenkins, a first-rounder himself out of South Florida five years ago, is unhappy and staying away from OTAs. 

Detroit and Indianapolis are the two teams mentioned in talks about Jenkins. The Lions could benefit immediately from his addition, playing the pass-happy Packers and the Bears, who have added Brandon Marshall, twice each season. The Colts, meanwhile, are in rebuilding mode, so while adding Jenkins would be nice, it wouldn't get them to the playoffs right away. 

The powers that be in Dallas are saying they won't trade Jenkins, but that's what they're supposed to say. And while Jenkins might threaten to sit out the season, he's in the last year of his contract and would be an idiot to do so. If they do want to trade him, though, the Cowboys won't let him go for cheap. We wonder if the Lions are thinking about moving DT Nick Fairley, who's been busted by the law twice this offseason already. He might look good with a blue star on his helmet. 

BetOnline is listing Detroit at +950 to win the NFC this season and +2,250 to win the Super Bowl, while Dallas is getting +1,200 to win the NFC and +2,500 to win the Super Bowl. The Lions might well get some action if they could add Jenkins, and the Cowboys might do the same should they land Fairley. 

Colt McCoy 

The former Texas Longhorn went on the block - unofficially, of course - the minute Cleveland drafted 29-year-old college senior Brandon Weeden. The first team to draw interest was Green Bay, which lost back-up QB Matt Flynn to free agency. Of course, the Packers would be hoping McCoy would never hit the field. Oakland also might have some interest in McCoy. They made the big deal for Carson Palmer last year, but he didn't exactly light things up. 

The Packers are listed at +300 at BetOnline to win the NFC and +600 to win the Super Bowl, while the Raiders are getting +2,500 to win the AFC and +7,250 to win the Super Bowl. Neither team's odds would change much with McCoy. 

Elsewhere out There 

The Broncos could use someone to catch passes from Peyton Manning, and Pittsburgh WR Mike Wallace's agent is making noise about a trade. Unlikely, but interesting. 

The transitioning Colts might be thinking about moving DE Dwight Freeney and his contract, and the Giants are doing the same with DE Osi Umenyiora. Tennessee and Baltimore might be in the market for such talent, and both would probably see their odds go down if they could add either one. 

And there was talk around the draft about Carolina sending RB Jonathan Stewart somewhere. Whoever picked him up would benefit. 

BetOnline is listing Denver at +600, the Steelers at +950, Indy at +6,850, the Titans at +2,200 and the Ravens at +750 to win the AFC, and the Giants at +900 and the Panthers at +2,200 to win the NFC.