It’s Monday and whether you find yourself today mourning the loss of Korea’s Kim Jong II or the loss of your Fantasy Team behind Aaron Rodgers mediocre performance, you need to come to grips with the simple fact that both went belly up yesterday.

That said, I still have one more shot at a winning (yes I said winning) week with my pick in tonight’s game, so if you haven’t had the chance, take one more peek at my Week 15 picks, if not for tonight’s pick then just for a few good laughs at my jokes in my Bengals -6 and Browns +7 picks or some even bigger laughs in the fact that I picked Green Bay, period. Still it wasn’t all bad as Geno’s NFL Picks pulled off a 2-2 Sunday, and while many would actually tell me I had Detroit at -1 in my video so I was actually 2-1-1. I will again take this time to remind you that my picks are based on the "everyman", and I know most of my fans are putting in their NFL bets moments before game time so I always base my picks on the my final lines on the kickoff here at SBRforum (which for Detroit was -2.5) translating into a loser.

Now… let’s put a little bow on what was NFL Week 15’s Sunday 

Eagles 45 Jets 19

Mark Sanchez

If only I’d said in my podcast that I have a problem with will2survive’s Jet's over Eagle's Thread, oh wait, I did. But I will not gloat because I honestly don’t believe you can gloat over any pick in the NFL this season as games go in completely in the opposite direction and no one is surprised. This score could just have easily been the reverse and no one would have blinked because you never know which Jets team is going to show up. The only thing you can be sure of (as I mentioned in my podcast) is that of the Jets nine wins, only one has come against a team that currently has a winning record in the Dallas Cowboys.

While they may make the playoffs, it’s time to realize people like myself and iifold are right when we say Mark Sanchez is not progressing enough for the Jets to be a legitimate Super Bowl contender. Even with his Pro Bowl receivers of Holmes and Burress, Mark Sanchez’s arm is as accurate as Mike McQueary’s testimony. Of course, unlike McQuerey, Sanchez doesn’t see the young men around him being fully taken advantage of, which is why the Jets will not be grounded by January. 

KC 19 GB 14

Four letters, four numbers, one unbelievable final. All this loss did was make me more certain than ever that the Packers will win the Super Bowl this year. Had they fallen in a game like this to the Saints in Week 1, Detroit on Thanksgiving, or even the Giants in week 13, one could argue this team isn’t as good as we believe. But when you have a roster as talented as the Packers, the only thing that can really take it down is a mental lapse in the post season, and what better way to avoid that than to get it out of the way with a humiliating trap game loss to the Chiefs.

Yes, I hate that phrase “trap game”, as I believe trap games aren’t something in football, a trap game is when your wife asks you if you think her sister is hot, but what else can you call this. Regardless of what you call it, I think this will be the best thing for the Packers quest for a second straight Lombardi Trophy as no team will surprise them the rest of the way, including Green Bay themselves. 

Lions 28 Raiders 27

Hey, I talked about some Christmas Gift Ideas for the NFL fan last week, so with just six more shopping days let’s end each entry this week with one more idea. If your friend is a Lions fan you may want to get them the elegant clutch as yesterday’s victory was Detroit’s fourth comeback this season after trailing by thirteen or more points. Yes, the Lions seem to land on their feet more often than not (they are giant cats after all) but I can’t see them being able to do this in the post season against teams like San Francisco and Atlanta, as it seems they have blown their load with these four comebacks.

Oh and notice how I put a full sentence between the phrase “elegant clutch” and “blown their load”. Otherwise I would have popped up whenever someone googled Expensive Asian masseuse. Speaking of googling a masseuse—opie1988 wants to know your thoughts on next week’s Philly-Dallas game. Gotta tell ya Opie, I love Philly +3 to win that 4:15 game, but only because I see the Jets taking down the Giants at 1PM. What do you guys think?

Get out and get shopping guys but not before you do your weekly visit to Sam9ball’s

Monday Night Football: Win a Ruth Chris steak dinner!! Thread. If you do win I recommend the Roethlisberger—it’s usually a late addition to the menu but it always comes to fantastic. (Yes, I took the Steelers and talk about two strikes against them, so did PAULYPOKER). If ever two people we due to be right…