The New York Jets played against a tough Ravens defense last week but offensively the Jets need to turn things around to live up to the hype.
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NFL betting picks are becoming quite difficult for football handicappers, where they keep giving the Jets the edge - both last week and this week. Week 1 saw the "under" as the correct play, which was the easy aspect of that NFL betting matchup.

The New York Jets Offense

Against the Ravens, the offense for the Jets was miserable to say the least. The Jets must be asking themselves how they expect to get to the Super Bowl with only 6 1st downs and a 1-11 3rd down efficiency in a high profile game. Albeit, the defense of the Ravens is quite good. Yet, the Jets will have to do much better to consistently be favored and succeed in the minds of NFL betting handicappers and football betting fans.

Even the best thing the Jets did offensively is not as good as it seems. They had 116 total rushing yards - commendable against the Ravens' rushing defense. Yet when you take away 27 yards over 2 attempts for WR Brad Smith, the 5.5 team rushing average comes down a bit and is less efficient. RB LaDainian Tomlinson was shut down, carrying 11 times for 62 yards. This is pretty mundane for LT's abilities. The Jets only had the ball for 21:28, a product of their 6 1st downs and miserable 3rd down efficiency mentioned previously.

But, what's the big number for the Jets - apart from Mark Sanchez's statistics?
We'll go over 2 numbers: 14 penalties for 125 yards. Yes, 125 yards of penalties - compare that to only 176 total yards for the Jets and you have one staggering dynamic. No defense is that good.

Mark Sanchez

Sportsbooks, NFL betting enthusiasts, and everyone around sports betting and the NFL has taken notice of Mark Sanchez and no, not in a good way. At a 56.4 passer rating, there are only a few quarterbacks below Sanchez in this category, featuring the less-than-talented Alex Smith. Sanchez completed just 10 passes out of 21 attempts. He had only 74 total passing yards for a dismal 3.5 average; This also came with no touchdowns or interceptions. Sanchez might have looked impressive on HBO, but it was not the case in East Rutherford at New Meadowlands Stadium.

Mark Sanchez's underwhelming performance could be one of many reasons that cost the Jets the game. His inefficiency to handle the offense and the pressure (literally and figuratively) has given him a status that he won't want to take part. Sanchez has already been named as one of the worst starting quarterbacks in the NFL. With 12 touchdowns and 20 interceptions, and a 62.7 passer rating, his career numbers may give him this status.

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Looking Ahead

Certainly the Jets must be much more effective for them to live up to at least some of the hype. After all, CB Darrelle Revis looked like the best player on the field for the Jets, and the only one who attended training camp.

The Jets face the New England Patriots next, who are listed as 2.5 point favorites at Pinnacle Sports, and 3 point favorites at most other sportsbooks, including 5Dimes.

Read the NFL betting preview to get a better analysis of the football betting matchup. Stay up-to-date with SBR odds on this and other NFL betting previews on SBR to help you on Sunday. Perhaps the Jets' offense and Mark Sanchez can overcome their problems to make it competitive in New Jersey.