Mark Sanchez' three touchdown passes not only helped the Jets to a 28-14 win as 3-point underdogs to the Patriots, it gave the house a big win at the betting window.
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Hello players!  A busy week has ended so let’s get right to it with the NFL betting action in the  Monday Night Football doublehader (Sept 13).

The movers won with Kansas City +5, which the house also won big plus the total staying 'under' 45.  The players won the first game, correctly tabbing Baltimore and the 'under' to get a big lead on the house, who mustered a small win for the day after The Chargers, Chiefs game.

Dallas CowboysThursday saw the movers win with North Carolina State -1 and 'under' 55.  The house won the total on the game, 'under' 54, while the players won the side -2 to have a washout day.

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Friday the movers split on the totals losing with Southern Miss 'over' and winning with California 'over,' then won the side with Nevada +3.  The house won both sides as the players bet on Kansas +5 and California -3 to make it a good night for the books.

Saturday I’ll just gloss over some of the movers' games because there are so many different groups that make lines jump and they end up opposite each other at peak number moves; it is just counter productive to list them all.

The sharps won with Ball State +17, Colorado -11 (early in the week), ASU +13, Virginia Tech -17½  up to 19½, Minnesota +14 and Arizona -1, but they lost with Maryland +13 (early in the week), Utah State +6 (also early), Washington +4 and the Wisconsin game 'over' 47 and 48 (early in the week too).

The house picked up wins on West Virginia -10, Temple +6, Georgia Tech +3, ASU +11, UCLA +3 ½,  and Arizona -2.  The players had a big day though winning with Kansas State -3½, Virginia Tech -19½, FSU -10, Nebraska -3, Stanford -17, Boise -23 and Utah -22½.  Players also fared well on the USC and Florida games where the line came down, leveled off and landed on the number, USC by 11 and Florida by 14, which hurt the books a bit.  Overall a small winner for the house as volume cures most ills.

Sunday the house won with the Jets +3, Saint Louis +3½, Pittsburgh +6, Detroit +6, Tampa Bay +3, Miami +5 and Kansas City +3.  The players countered with San Diego -7, Denver -3½, Atlanta -6½, Green Bay -13 and the key – the last game – Indianapolis -4 and 'over' to cut the books’ profits down for the day.

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Sunday was still a big day for sportsbooks but winning the last game is key as the die-hard chasers got out.

Good luck players!  Talk to you next week.