There's no place like home, and there's nothing quite like a couple of home underdogs in the NFL this Sunday on Bread's card.  The Chiefs and the Packers are the play this week on their own turf.

There’s no place like home.  With this in mind, I have a couple of home underdogs that I have my eye on for this coming Sunday’s NFL matchups.  One of them is a huge dog, the other a tiny one.  But they are at home…just like me.  Before I get to the games, let me briefly tell you why it is good to be home.

My wife and I traveled to Michigan to spend some time with her family this past weekend.  I was excited to escape the Florida heat for some chilly climates.  Apparently, I brought the heat wave up with me, so the hoodies stayed packed away.

God help us all!

Then there was Robyn’s nephew, Christian, a four-year-old beast with the body of a mini Kodiak bear.  I’m positive that he could be a backup nose tackle for most high school teams.  Christian abused me as the jungle gym/punching bag that he saw me as for 24 straight hours.

Once we escaped from the family and went out to watch the Rays game at a bar.  After the big win, we got the bright idea to head to the MGM Grand Casino in downtown Detroit at two in the morning.  That didn’t turn out so well.  When the wheel hits on red 10 straight times, and you are playing black, it will probably be a quick night.  And it was.

At least I can always rely on watching NFL football to cheer me up, right?  We headed to a sports bar that we have been to in the past that had the NFL Ticket.  I knew that I was in trouble when the only game on all 30 TV’s was the hometown Lions vs the Vikings.  It was then that they told me that they no longer have the package.  So I was stuck watching this riveting matchup.  When the score at halftime was 3-2, I went into sleep mode until further notice.  It is good to be home.

The 1-4 Kansas City Chiefs are playing at home as a nine-point underdog to the Tennessee Titans, who are unbeaten in the standings and ATS.  Does this sound familiar?  It should.  This is reminiscent of KC’s Week 4 home game against Denver.  The Broncos came in undefeated as 9½ point favorites.  The Chiefs sent them home as 33-19 losers.

With both teams coming off a bye week, KC gets starting quarterback Brodie Croyle back.  Returning from a week one shoulder injury, Croyle will hope to build on his 6-TD, 6-INT 2007 season.

I miss this guy.

More importantly, I just don’t think that Tennessee is good enough to be favored by this much over anyone on the road.  Quarterback Kerry Collins has his team winning, but the ghastly numbers he’s putting up will catch up with him.  His TD’s and INT’s are even at three apiece.   He hasn’t thrown for over 200 yards and his 55.7% passing is only 27th best in the NFL.  Collins has been playing for so long, that nobody even remembers when he had the reputation of an alcoholic and a racist anymore.  He threw his first ever TD to Pete Metzelaars for crying out loud!  The Titans have to have a reality check game soon.

I’m playing for KC to keep this game close, and might even pull the trigger on the moneyline at +290.  Should I play and hit that, I’ll buy Collins a drink.

The Green Bay Packers are playing at home as a slight one-point dog to the Indianapolis Colts.  I have been waiting for a year like this to come the Colts’ way for some time now.  I am not a fan of this team.  The Colts however, have been stalling my pleasure.  They have won and covered two extremely unlikely games recently.

Delaying Bread's inevitable enjoyment

There was the Minnesota game, where the Vikings repeatedly lost their way once they reached the end zone.  Their five field goals were great for Ryan Longwell fantasy owners.  Not so great for the Viking bettors.  Two late touchdowns, a 2-pt conversion and last second winning FG later, and the Colts stole the game.

That was nothing compared to the pain that Houston backers would feel a few weeks later against this same Indy team.  And yes, I was one of them.  I’m not even going to rehash it.  It’s too painful.  Sage Rosenfels is not my friend.

So in reality, a 3-2 (3-2 ATS) Colts team should be 1-4 (1-4 ATS).  Like I said, this is the year I’d been waiting for, there are just a few memos that the Colts haven’t received yet.  I think that this game in Green Bay will set them back in their losing ways.

Indy running back Joseph Addai’s status is uncertain with a hamstring injury.  Green Bay QB Aaron Rogers is putting together a Pro Bowl type year connecting for 11 TD’s to only four INT’s and 1,482 yards.  Manning has thrown for 1,302 yards, 8 TD’s and 5 INT’s.

Hopefully it will be a successful home day for Kansas City +9, Green Bay +1 and Bread.  Home is where the Bread is.