Normally No. 1 seeds have their way with No. 16s, and this year will be no exception as the Pittsburgh Panthers and the UNC Asheville Bulldogs will square off in DC. 

Asheville Bulling Its Way Into Main Field

Pittsburgh Panthers

It wasn't the prettiest game in the world, but the UNC Ashville Bulldogs were able to get into the main field of the NCAA Tournament after winning in Dayton in the First Four on Tuesday night over the Arkansas Little Rock Trojans. The 81-77 triumph was, without a doubt, the biggest victory for the Bulldogs in quite some time. They were the favorite in the betting odds but failed to win by the projected 5 points, but they did fly over the 128 point spread predicted by the NCAA Basketball odds makers.

JP Primm and Matt Dickey were really the keys to winning that game, and they've both been keys for the whole season for this club. Both scored 22 points against the Trojans on Tuesday. Dickey is the team's leading scorer at 15.6 PPG, while Primm is No. 2 on the team at 14.6 PPG.

The Bulldogs have won seven games in a row now, as they were once just a 13-13 team in the Big South, which normally doesn't translate into an NCAA Tournament team, but UNCA has bucked the trend and is now here in Washington DC.

Panthers Set to Strike

The Pittsburgh Panthers only played one game in the Big East Tournament, but maybe that was for the best. Unlike the Connecticut Huskies, the team that they were bounced by at Madison Square Garden, U-Pitt has been sitting at home, watching and waiting for its draw for the dance. The team got the No. 1 seed that it was searching for one way or the other, and it didn't have to deal with the grind with the Big East teams.

You would think of this team that is one that really was nothing more than a defensive grinding team, but this is a spookily good offensive squad as well. Head Coach Jamie Dixon's team is shooting 47.4 percent from the field for the season, while it is knocking down 39.0 percent from beyond the arc.  The only bugaboo about this club is that it really doesn't shoot foul shots that well. This could be the demise of this team eventually, as 67.2 percent just doesn't cut it.

History For Panthers Is Questionable, but they Should Beat NCAA Basketball Lines

This is a team that historically struggles in the NCAA Tournament, but usually not this early on. Last year, the Oakland Golden Grizzlies weren't much of a fight in the first round of the dance, but the team didn't last into the second weekend after a loss to the Xavier Musketeers.

It's been quite awhile since the Panthers have gotten deep into this tournament. This is normally the time that this team really does relatively well, but after this, it could get a bit hairy.

But at least for now, U-Pitt should be able to get past this one with relative ease. The Bulldogs just don't have the fight in them to be able to stick around with this physical of a team, and they are going to end up getting trucked in one of the ugliest games in the first legitimate round of the dance.