The second round is set, and two of these four teams competing will face off in the Eastern Conference Finals. Let’s take a look at both series individually and see if there is any value on series bets, as well as game-to-game bets.

Indiana Pacers vs. Miami Heat

Leron JamesThis regular season series was all Miami, and the early basketball odds are leaning towards the same result. Miami won three out of the four games between these two during the regular season, and now in this second round playoff series, the Heat are -820 favorites in the series.

This isn’t surprising to me, because I do think the Heat will win the series, but unlike their series against New York, this will be no cakewalk. The Heat walked all over New York, but Indiana is a better, more well rounded, and deeper team than the Knicks. I can’t feel comfortable in telling you to bet Indiana on the series, but at Pinnacle, they do give exact series results odds, and Miami in six games is +413, and that might be the best option for your NBA picks.

The Big Three of Miami will have to be on the top of their games in this series. I’m afraid that the Knicks series might have taken away some of their intensity. That’s why I think you have to take a look at Pacers +8 ½ in game one on Sunday. Roy Hibbert will dominate the Heat, and after him, it boils down to the Pacers’ road defense. They lost both games in Miami during the regular season. However, the Heat winning by double digits would not surprise me.

I’m not sure which side I’m leaning towards in game one, but as I mentioned earlier, a six game series with Miami winning would be my lean on the series. Indiana will put up a fight, but the East is Miami’s to lose at this point.

Philadelphia 76ers vs. Boston Celtics

After beating a beat up Bulls team, the Sixers get to face their divisional foe the Celtics in the second round. These two had some pretty good battles in the regular season, and Philly went on to win two of the three games.

In game one of this second round series, -5 ½ points in the early odds favor the Celtics. And this Saturday’s game should resemble a heavy weight fight. There shouldn’t be a whole lot of scoring, but there will be no love lost between these two squads.

These two teams play a lot like each other, and even though series odds have yet to be released, the Celtics will be favorites; the question is by how much? Will the sportsbooks take the two wins by the Sixers in the regular season seriously, or will they look at what kind of team the Celtics are now, compared to what they were when the Sixers beat them?

Boston looks to have the upper hand in this series. They matchup well against the Sixers, and their playoff experience is far exceeding the Sixers’. However, the Sixers do have the tools to upset the Celtics flow. If Jrue Holliday, Lou Williams, Spencer Hawes and Andre Iguodala play the way they did against the Bulls, the Celtics might have some trouble. However, against a disciplined team like Boston, all four will have to be stellar if the Sixers want to have any chance of winning. I’m leaning towards Celtics winning in six.