Players started the week strong behind Monday wins by the Lakers and Magic.  But the Boston Celtics helped pull the books back up with their victory over Orlando on Sunday.

Hello again, players!  Well, the week started as many have lately: with the players tabbing the basket winners in Orlando and the Lakers to get the books in the hole to start the week on Monday (May 10).

SBR BasketballTuesday the house won the NBA game in Boston +7 and in bases the house won with Houston +230 to get ahead for the day.  Players countered with small wins on Atlanta -135 and Seattle -165 to get some of the day back.

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Wednesday the players had a good day winning in bases with Tampa Bay -115, Houston +175, and the Dodgers -135.  The house picked up a small win on the Washington Nationals +160.

Thursday the house won with Houston +280 and Baltimore +125.  Players had a small win on Kansas City -200.  The Celtics' 94-85 win in the NBA playoffs was a mixed action affair with no big decision.

Friday the house won one game – Toronto -120 – and the players had a big day with the Phillies +115 and a hot dog in Pittsburgh +190 to jump ahead for the week.

Saturday the house won with San Francisco -200 (Houston a popular dog), Cincy +140 and the Tigers +160.  The players came back with the Phillies -112, Dodgers -115, and Toronto -150 (game went down at some books, 140 or so, I closed 155 and had no Texas money).

Sunday the house got a much-needed win with Boston beating Orlando in Game 1 of the Easterno Conference Final to win the big game of the day.  In bases the house won a big game in Cincy +116 and the players chased the Twins to a win +126.

All said and done, it was a push around week. Good luck players!!  Talk to you next week.