The addition of Ron Artest has the Los Angeles Lakers thinking of a 70-win season in addition to defending their NBA Championship. Here's a look at current season win totals for futures bettors.

The Lakers were 65-17 last season, and they could be even better this season. Los Angeles  replaced Trevor Ariza with All-Star Ron Artest, giving LA potentially its best team since the Kobe/Shaq era. Artest brings attitude to Tinsel Town and he backs it up with his defense.

Andrew BynumAndrew Bynum’s knee is stronger and if he can stay healthy for the entire season the sky is the limit for him and the Lakers. Throw in Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom and Derek Fisher and you’ve got a championship team that not only could repeat but could also win 70+ games along the way!

Except for Ariza's departure to Houston and Artest’s arrival, this team has stayed intact from a year ago. The Lakers are not only talented, but they’re also deep and experienced. Phil Jackson looks like he’s got a new spring in his step and you know Kobe won’t allow this team to coast. Helping the Lakers in their quest for 70 wins this season is schedule. Kobe and company will play 17 of their first 21 games at home.

The Lakers Over is my personal favorite season total on the board but there are some others worth checking out. Consider the following:

Washington Wizards (OVER): Gilbert Arenas is back after losing most of last season with a knee injury. If he can stay healthy he along with Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison should easily top the win total from a year ago.

Los Angeles Clippers (OVER): This team will still compete with Sacramento in the “battle of the basement” in the Pacific Division. But with rookie stud Blake Griffin on board teaming with second year star Eric Gordon they’ll surprise some people.

Oklahoma City Thunder (OVER): Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are two of the key players for a young and promising OKC franchise. As they start to gel, the wins will add up.

Houston Rockets (UNDER): Ron Artest jumped ship, Yao Ming is out for the season with a leg injury and Tracy McGrady is the biggest question mark in the league. When healthy, T-Mac is probably worth four or five wins on his own. But that’s just it...he’s never healthy.

Portland Trail Blazers (OVER): Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldredge and Greg Odon=Two and a half-men since Oden is hurt most of the time. (Sorry Charlie Sheen). The Trailblazers won 54 games last season and should top that total this year.

Here are the the current NBA Season Win Totals. Vig may vary.

Western Conference
Dallas Mavericks
Over 48.5 (-120)
Under 48.5 (-115)

Denver Nuggets
Over 53.5 (-115)
Under 53.5 (-115)

Golden State Warriors
Over 34.5 (-115)
Under 34.5 (-115)

Houston Rockets
Over 36.5 (-115)
Under 36.5 (-115)

Los Angeles Clippers
Over 34.5 (-115)
Under 34.5 (-115)

Los Angeles Lakers
Over 62.5 (-120)
Under 62.5 (-115)

Memphis Grizzlies
Over 27.5 (-115)
Under 27.5 (-115)

Minnesota Timberwolves
Over 27.5 (-115)
Under 27.5 (-115)

New Orleans Hornets
Over 46.5
Under 46.5 (-120)

New York Knicks
Over 31.5 (-115)
Under 31.5 (-115)

Oklahoma City Thunder
Over 34.5 (-115)
Under 34.5 (-115)

Phoenix Suns
Over 40.5
Under 40.5 (-120)

Portland Trail Blazers
Over 53.5 (-115)
Under 53.5 (-115)

Sacramento Kings
Over 23.5 (-105)
Under 23.5 (-125)

San Antonio Spurs
Over 54.5 (-115)
Under 54.5 (-115)

Utah Jazz
Over 50.5 (-115)
Under 50.5 (-115)

Eastern Conference Win Totals
Atlanta Hawks
Over 45.5 (-115)
Under 45.5 (-115)

Boston Celtics
Over 57.5 (-115)
Under 57.5 (-115)

Charlotte Bobcats
Over 35.5 (-115)
Under 35.5 (-115)

Chicago Bulls
Over 41.5 (-115)
Under 41.5 (-115)

Cleveland Cavaliers
Over 61.5 (-120)
Under 61.5 (-115)

Detroit Pistons
Over 40.5 (-115)
Under 40.5 (-115)

Indiana Pacers
Over 34.5 (-115)
Under 34.5 (-115)

Miami Heat
Over 41.5 (-115)
Under 41.5 (-115)

Milwaukee Bucks
Over 28.5 (-115)
Under 28.5 (-115)

New Jersey Nets
Over 27.5
Under 27.5

New York Knicks
Over 31.5 (-115)
Under 31.5 (-115)

Orlando Magic
Over 57.5 (-120)
Under 57.5

Philadelphia 76ers
Over 40.5 (-120)
Under 40.5

Toronto Raptors
Over 40.5 (-115)
Under 40.5 (-115)

Washington Wizards
Over 41.5 (-130)
Under 41.5 (even)