The sport of baseball has been corrupted due to the use of enhanced performance drugs. Should that effect who makes it into the hall of fame? 

They're called steroids. Steroids are used to enhance strength, speed, and are used to benefit an athlete’s performance. In the pre-steroid era, players exercised and just played off of pure athletic talent. In the present times, players are occasionally being caught using the enhancement drugs. They're illegal and aren't a measure of an athlete's pure athletic ability. The question in hand is whether players who have been caught using steroids should be allowed induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Old timers records are being surpassed due to the usage of drugs

The home run record had stood for nearly 30 years. It was set by Roger Maris of the New York Yankees in 1961. Maris hit 61 home runs and for years, that record stood until sluggers Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa came along. The record was inevitably broken by Mark McGwire. After setting the record, McGwire came over to the Maris family in the stands and gave them a hug. Little did they know that McGwire had cheated the record by using steroids? McGwire was a great player before he took the steroids but they gave him an unfair edge. McGwire's record was ultimately surpassed by Barry Bonds of the San Fransisco Giants. Bonds hit an amazing 73 home runs in 2001 and the record still stands today. People wanted to put an asterisk in the record books to signify it as a steroid induced record.

Unnecessary measures to supposed greatness

A player like Barry Bonds is a great example of this. Before Barry Bonds starting taking steroids, he was an all star player that was headed for the hall of fame. Bonds was a multiple MVP winner and there was no doubt that he was one of the best players in the game. Due to his steroid usage, his place in Cooperstown is in question. Can you believe that? The all time home run leader not making it into the hall of fame? He was better than McGwire and didn't need to enhance his play by steroid usage. His legacy is tarnished forever.

Who is the real home run leader for a season?

In the record books it says that Bonds is the home run leader in a season with 73 but most people believe that Roger Maris still holds that record with 61. Steroids have really hurt the sport of baseball. Mark McGwire is having a difficult time making it into the hall of fame because he used steroids and wouldn't admit it. It's a real black cloud on the sport of baseball.

There have been players such as Rafael Palmiero who had a chance to make it to the hall of fame but lied under oath to Congress. Baseball pitching ace, Roger Clemens was one of the greatest pitchers of all time and it's been discovered that he lied and was a steroid user. Clemens was a shoe in to make the hall of fame and now he's somebody that baseball wants to sweep under the rug and can possibly go to jail for not telling the truth.

What does MLB do about the situation?

After the Mitchell reports were disclosed, many popular and gifted players were have been discovered to be using steroids. Players like Manny Ramirez and Alex Rodriguez have been caught. This is unthinkable because these guys are two of the greatest players in baseball and they've affected outcomes of games and seasons by their steroid usage.

Alex Rodrigueuz

AROD is on target to break all kinds of records and was the face of baseball. Although his steroid usage might have been isolated to a few years out of his career, it doesn't matter. He cheated the sport and that's what's in people's minds and the committee that inducts players into the hall of fame. Alex admitted to using but it was after the fact. How does baseball handle this? Rodriguez was good enough to make the hall of fame without the steroid usage.

Admitting the usage and coming clean might get AROD into the hall. It's the players that continue to lie about it or are not upfront about it that will have a problem being admitted into the hall of fame. Who knows, there might be several hall of famers that have used steroids.

What has this done to baseball's reputation?

It's been tarnished for life, plain and simple. The old timers are starting to get more recognition for playing the game the right way. 

Innoncent or Guilty?

There are many players that the public is unsure of in relation to using steroids. Slugger Albert Pujols of the Saint Louis Cardinals is a great example of this. Pujols is considered the best player in the game at this time. He's never been associated with steroids but whenever he takes the plate, one can't help but wonder if he's guilty also. He's probably innocent but steroids have ruined the structure and history of the sport of baseball.

What will be done about records and hall of fame induction?

At this point, I don't know. The records that are created will stay until someone intervenes. Any new records can be established and nothing will be done about it. I've been to Cooperstown and Barry Bonds name is the name that's shown as MLB's career home run leader.

I think the Hall of Fame will be reluctant to induct many players at this point. Can you blame them? Suspicion is a normal reaction at this point. A player has to be squeaky clean like Derek Jeter to be inducted. 

The process of inducting our favorite stars is ruined and all stats and accomplishments are all tainted. Example: When the Boston Red Sox won the 2004 World Series, were David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez on steroids? If they were, the championship is tainted. Most Valuable Player Awards and Cy Young Awards are also tainted. (Thanks to Roger Clemens)

Baseball is a great sport but is in a state of confusion and suspicion. When Abner Doubleday invented baseball I'm sure that he didn't have this in mind. Comissioner Bud Selig and the Committee that inducts the players into the hallowed hall of fame have a really big problem on their hand. Rules have tightened up the sport but actions can't be taken back.

As certain players are eligible for induction, we'll see how the people in charge of baseball handle this complicated problem