There’s no such thing as competitive balance in the American League Western Division in 2012. You’ve got the Angels, the Rangers and two also ran’s in the Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics this season.

Don’t be fooled by the attractive sports betting futures available on Seattle and Oakland. It’s going to be a two team race where either Los Angeles or Texas will win the division with the other team favored winning the wild card.

Here are the MLB odds to win the AL Pennant and World Series. You’ll notice the Angels and Rangers are listed among the Top 5 in practically every futures category available for wagering.

Last year’s standings, money line financials and O/U are listed in parentheses.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (86-76, +192 units, UNDER 78-71-13)

Heading into camp, the four most important players are Albert Pujols, Kendry Morales, Mark Trumbo and Bobby Abreu.  First base won’t be a problem for the foreseeable future in Anaheim but it has created a logjam. Skipper Mike Scioscia now has to figure out what to do with Trumbo, Morales and Abreu. Only one of them can DH at a time and there’s no room in the outfield.

In a perfect world Trumbo would move to third base, taking with him his 29 homers from a year ago. However several scouts say Trumbo at 6-4, 230, is too big to make the change.  If that’s the case, the Angels are back to three players for two positions. A trade or two would be the next logical move and with the Angels still looking for a fifth starter, my guess is Trumbo or Abreu leaves. Having said that, Trumbo isn’t not going anywhere until Morales proves he can play in the majors again.

Odds to win:

AL Pennant (3/2)

World Series (13/2)

Josh HamiltonTexas Rangers (96-66, +1275 units, OVER 85-68-1)

Give the Texas Rangers credit. Not many teams could lose their No. 1 starter in back-to-back off seasons and not miss a step. First it was Cliff Lee, then CJ Wilson but still Texas is primed for its third straight trip to the World Series.

How can they keep losing pitching and keep winning? That’s an easy one--it’s called offense. The two-time defending American League champions return the majority of their team that was in the Top 3 in most major categories--hitting, runs, runs scored per game, RBI’s and home runs (210).

Being a Southern California guy and all, I can you screaming ‘Homer’. But I hardly see how Texas adding pitcher Yu Darvish is bigger or even remotely close to the Angels getting Pujols and Wilson. Josh Hamilton is back to fighting demons that I hope he can beat back but I just don’t get a good feeling about him making it through another season clean. Mike Napoli doesn’t figure to have another 30 homerun season either.

It’s very simple math. The Angels add two players through free agency and could get a third starter back from a trade. Outside of Darvish, the Rangers didn’t do much else.

Odds to win:

AL Pennant (11/2)

World Series (10/1)

Oakland Athletics (74-88, 15-40 units, -1540, UNDER 78-69-15)

I hope Billy Beane enjoyed all the hoopla surrounding “Money Ball” because this is going to be another tough season by the Bay for the cash strapped A’s. Oakland’s familiar pattern of forever rebuilding was in full force during the offseason as Beane was forced to deal pitchers Trevor Cahill and Gio Gonzales for a package of unproven prospects in an attempt to keep payroll at a manageable number.

Odds to win:

AL Pennant (35/1)

World Series (65/1)

Seattle Mariners (67-95, -2151 units, UNDER 81-70-11)

Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik this off-season was given a simple task. Improve an offense that was MLB’s worst in 2011. Consider it a failed assignment. Seattle has too many unproven players and veterans like Ichiro and Franklin Gutierrez and who had their worst seasons in 2011 as professionals. They need to bounce back to give the M’s any chance.

Odds to win:

AL Pennant (50/1)

World Series (90/1)