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    Apple’s market cap just crossed $600B

    As the market just begins to open today, Apple’s market cap crossed the $600 billion threshold. Today’s accomplishment comes just a month after the company hit the $500 billion threshold. The market overall is down.
    To compare, Microsoft holds the record for the highest market cap ever of $619 billion in 2000 (over $800 billion in today’s dollars). At the time of this writing, Microsoft is sitting at a $250 billion market cap. If some analysts are to be believed, the AAPL train will keep rolling to a $1 trillion market cap in the coming years.
    Apple now dwarfs the No. 2 company, Exxon, by a comfortable $200 billion. We are looking forward to April 24 when Apple will talk Q2 2012 numbers.

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    They've done better. No news here.

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    Bubble might burst.

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    And to think AAPL was practically left for dead as recent as April 2003 at 7 bucks a share (under $10b market cap). $10,000 investment in April 2003 would be worth almost a million now. Damn.

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