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    Quote Originally Posted by baskets View Post
    who worked your asshole last night, mike?

    you've been a sour puss last couple of days.

    and the fact you actually posted in it means you give a fukk... contrary to your moronic comment
    i'm in a bad mood
    lost on some baseball picks lately and taking it out on the board, sorry

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    Something I've noticed when it comes to game handicaps or any other type of bet, really, where both players are around 50:50 to win:

    When a given book has better odds on a certain player than Pinnacle, and that book later changes their odds to become worse than Pinnacle's, there's a 75% chance (if not more), that the player who is the favourite on Pinnacle will win.

    I just followed this strategy now, I had Cornet and Cibulkova to cover the spread and they did.

    Another such example is Hercog vs Cirstea. Hercog opened as a 2:1 dog at at least one Euro book, but Pinnacle has had her at 1.8 or lower from the start. That's a sign that Hercog should win.

    But again, this only works 75% of the time, not all the time (which is good enough for me).

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    This is the Broncos Year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wtt0315 View Post

    play potito starace -115
    konta +210

    thank me later or not "

    hope you tailed both were winners

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    fukk... I missed that. I would've tailed

    instead, I had the other -4500 NOT cover... which was perfect... but then my if bet to get me 600 bucks... well, that lost by a fuking 1.5 pts ... on a team that has been killing the unders

    ha ha. just my fukking luck

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    Another match with the above described pattern:
    Pous Tio vs Govortsova. Pous Tio should win.

    Let's see if we can go 4-0 here.

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