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    Jason Peters career ending injury

    he will not play again
    achillies snapping on a large lineman like that is game over.
    he is by far the best lineman in the NFL

    i am fukkin on edge after hearing this ready to beat some fukkin ass. could be the eagles season going up in flames

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    Huge loss-King Dunlap is human turnstile, hopefully find someone in the draft

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    he musta been doing Yoga (Twisting Half Moon)

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    It's not career ending but it does hurt us big time. The Eagles need to go sign a vet tackle real fast.

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    Griz on edge.

    Calm down a little. Come down Baltimore and I'll buy ya a Yuengling

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    It's the fukkin curse of Andy Reid.

    As long as he's the coach, the Eagles are doomed to never win a Super Bowl.

    It's just a fact now. Accept it and move on.

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    This throws off our whole draft board...