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    Looks like an Underdog Week 2!
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    Quote Originally Posted by RyanLeafOfBets View Post
    I'm a 16 seed... I must not be thought of very highly.
    Same here, let's be the first 16 seeds to take out a 1

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    I thought we were full. I can't make my picks untill 5 pacific time tomorrow. why can't I make them now?

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    Sad to see there are a decent amount of people who haven't made a pick.. Leads me to believe they won't be making any, thus giving people a bye while the majority has to earn their opening round W.

    Also, I have been surprised by all of the people who have failed to understand how the contest works, the impatience when the home/visitors are flip flopped and the game ends up graded wrong, claims that their opponent can see their picks before the games start and can fade them, and the extreme impatience when their unit total and record doesn't update immediately. Have these people not played a contest before?

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