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    How do i calculate fixed exacta or trifecta payouts in UK (no tote bets)

    i cant find that info in google, who can explain me or what is the formula used...

    lets see. order of finish, 3-6-8, and odds are 10-1, 12-1, 50-1...

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    hope i dont wake up tomorrow
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    if u hit that tri that should be an outstanding payoff.

    but to answer your q i have no idea. youd def have to know the takeout %s of the specific track (if they even have takeout on UK tracks/betting)

    i used to get an idea somewhat with a harness track called monticello because its one of the few that actually showed how much money was in the trifecta pool on each horse keyed on top of the ticket or in a box. so in a sense u could calculate by doing the math and adding in the takeout to get a very rough estimate but even then the pools change drastically from post time til the race is over and the pools are co-mingled and tabulated. and theres no way to see the trifecta "runner" pool once they hit the gate. so im sorry that probably was a worthless post but thats how i used to get some kind of idea at monticello by writing down the trifecta runner pool totals before the race went off and doing some math