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    Holy Shit! 64-1 damn! Wish I had bet that horse in real life! Congrats on the win VegasInsider! Thanks for the contest Reload!

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    Wish I had bet it too!! Congrats on cashing!

    Paid out $131 and change for the WIN

    Week 15
    3-2-0 394 pts

    Week 14
    4-0-1 1202 pts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chong Wizard View Post
    Wow!!! How the **** did I come in second place in this??? I could swear I didn't have one point when I check like half way thru Saturday? Did I hit like a 30-1 horse??? I know absolutely nothing about Horse Racing lol. Classic!
    You need to start selling "Chong Wizard" tip sheets at the track! Nice job!

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