SBR review: EasyBets

SBR RatingD-

Location:Costa Rica
Parent / HostBETonSPORTS Plc
Live Chat:YES

Sportsbook rating changes

New Ratings Upgrades Downgrades

04/23/2007 03:10 AM CST
EasyBets Easybet  - SBR initiates rating coverage at D
05/25/2005 08:54 AM CST
EasyBets Easybets downgraded from C to C-
01/14/2004 12:00 AM CST
EasyBets BoDog raised from B- to B, Easybets raised from C- to C
01/25/2002 10:23 AM CST
EasyBets Easybets- A long standing Black List member under review for the Run! List - Slow pay developing into no pay
10/13/2001 01:04 PM CST
EasyBets Easybets - Upgraded from the Run! List to the Black List
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