It's going to be a long season for North Texas with new head coach Todd Dodge employing a new offense.  Side with the SMU Mustangs tonight at home and lay the points.

The cupboard was left bare is an expression that is going to be heard frequently in Denton, TX. North Texas brought in a high school coach, Todd Dodge, a former quarterback at the University of Texas. For the last seven years, Dodge has been the high school coach at Southlake Carroll High School. This is a school in a very privileged area, the players have personal trainers. The families are not missing a Mastercard payment nor are they behind on their mortgages.

[articleBanner]who2beton[/articleBanner]Southlake Carroll has won four of the last five Texas HS 5A Titles. They probably could have done it with Captain Kangaroo as their coach. (yeah, I’m showing my age, but that is the first childhood icon that came to mind). To make matters worse, Dodge brought his high school offensive and defensive coordinator along with him to Denton and his tour at North Texas.

Dodge is installing a pass happy offense at a school where Darrell Dickey, one of the last 'three yards and a cloud of dust' coaches, reigned until he had a heart attack. Nothing worse than changing to an offense with the wrong type of personnel. It is going to be a long season in Denton.

These two schools compete for the same second and third tier Dallas area recruits. Do you think there might be some resentment from the SMU recruits who played against the Southlake Carroll recruits at North Texas and their coach? The team that was state champ year after year?

North Texas has no aspirations. They realize this is a complete rebuilding year. SMU has hopes of a bowl game. They have a razzle dazzle quarterback in Justin Willis, the Conference USA Freshman Player of the Year, and a coach who I feel is one of quality, Phil Bennett. The Mean Green don’t have the players to fulfill coach Dodge’s offense. They are going to be one of the worst offenses in the nation this year, even in the Sun Belt Conference.

The Mustangs came so close to making it to a bowl last year, the first in over 20 years. They have the pieces in place to do so and a romp over one of the worst teams in the nation will help them achieve their goal. Take SMU and lay the points!

Free Pick: SMU -17