How are the Pac 12, Big 10, and Mountain West Conferences looking after the big switch?
College football will have a different complexion conference-wise for the upcoming year of 2011-2012. A handful of colleges such as the Nebraska Cornhuskers have taken the leap of faith by joining other conferences in looking to improve their program.

Let's take an in depth look at where some schools have moved to and what it means for their new conference and possibly the side effects on the old conference and teams shot at a BCS Championship.


Colorado BuffaloesThe formerly known Pac-10 is now known as the Pac-12 thanks to the addition of the Colorado Buffaloes and the Utah Utes. Pac-12 comissioner Larry Scott is ecstatic about the move. He feels that the move will enhance the conference athletically and academically. He also thinks that this will bring a higher moral code to the Pac-12.

What does the league receive aside from Colorado and Utah?

The Pac-12 receives a 12-year, $250 million a year media rights deal. Involved in the deal is a new television network and a conference football championship game.

An addition like the Utah Utes will also add a more competitive atmosphere to the league. Utah went 10-3 in 2010 and look for the Pac-12 to be more exciting in every aspect, including college football betting.

Mountain West Conference - Gains and Losses

The Mountain West Conference pickup one of the best teams in college football, the Boise State Broncos. The Broncos no longer have to fly under the radar and not get the recognition that they rightly deserve. The Mountain West Conference is trying to make their way into the Bowl Championship Series while Boise State attains more national exposure and the program is aided financially. It's a win-win proposition for all involved except for the conference that Boise State left, the Western Athletic Conference (WAC).

Look for superstar Kellen Moore to be lighting up the scoreboard in the Mountain West Conference. Moore threw for 3845 yards while completing 71.3% of his passes with 35 TD and 6 INT. Boise State was 12-1 last season. They also ranked 2nd in the nation with 45.1 points per game and ranked 2nd in allowing 12.8 points. This is a highly explosive team that will be a great asset to wherever they play. They open up the season with a challenge as they play the Georgia Bulldogs on Saturday, September 3rd in Atlanta, Georgia.


The legendary college of Brigham Young University, which has brought great Super Bowl quarterbacks such as Steve Young and Jim McMahon to the NFL, has decided to leave the Mountain West Conference and join the Independents. BYU has signed an 8 year deal with ESPN to broadcast football games. This will add financial stability and more of a national audience for the program. The deal also helps BYUtv.which is the school's independent television network.

Big Ten Gets Powerhouse Nebraska Cornhuskers

Nebraska CornhuskersNebraska Cornhuskers Quarterback ,Taylor Martinez, and company will now be consider part of a conference that has existed for over 100 years, the Big Ten Conference. Former head coach and current Nebraska athletic director Tom Osborne is interested in the stability that's gained by the move. Nebraska also doesn't have to deal with being in the shadows of Big-12 teams such as the Texas Longhorns and the Oklahoma Sooners.

Recruiting will also improve as Nebraska Athletics will be displayed on the BTN (Big Ten Television Network). The move of Nebraska is the most highly profiled move out of all of the transitioning teams, and has already brought them recruits such as phenom Bubba Starling. This will make for some exciting football as Nebraska is scheduled to play other Big Ten teams such as Wisconsin, Ohio State, Minnesota, Michigan State, Northwestern, Penn State, Michigan, and Iowa. This is a college football fans dream!

Who Loses Out?

The Big-12 loses two teams. This conference still wants to be called the Big-12 Conference despite losing 2 schools, However, due to the decreasing amount of colleges in the conference, a 13 year $1 billion media rights deal was signed with FOX Sports in April 2011. The remaining schools will benefit financially from having less teams.

The beat goes on

Look for a chance to play in a BCS conference, the TCU Horned Frogs will move to the Big East Conference in 2012.

Overall, I think that everyone comes out a winner with these moves. The conferences in which teams left are being compensated, while the teams that decided to go elsewhere are receiving added exposure and stability.