Trying to rebuild the program back into the national spotlight, Bill Callahan and his Cornhuskers have a shot to take a big step forward Saturday when USC comes to Nebraska.

Alright Coach Callahan! This is the game that’s supposed to put the Huskers back on the college football map, and I know you’ll get your team better prepared for this contest than last week in Winston-Salem.

[articleBanner]who2beton[/articleBanner]We backed the Wake Forest Demon Deacons in their own house last week, and I caught a bunch of flack from a number of Big Red Kool-Aid drinkers who questioned my manhood and said I couldn’t pick a winner if it came right out and slapped me across my head. Well, what happened boys?

And by the way, I went to the University of Kansas and hung out with your brethren when they invaded Lawrence two of the four years I was there. They were by far the coolest of all the Big 12 fans that came to watch their team kick the ever-living tar out of my Jayhawks, so no hard feelings.

Anyway, last week's effort was piss-poor to say the least, and if Nebraska plays run 'D' like it did last week I’ll be ripping this ticket up before the first quarter expires. I want so badly for Nebraska to win this game it’s not even funny. That being said, this spread is a huge slap in the face to Nebraska. The 81,000-plus filling Memorial Stadium will be sure to remind USC that they’re not in Hollywood anymore. You won’t find movie stars throughout the stadium, but you will find thousands of devoted Big Red fans that have been clamoring for this program to get back onto the list of the nation’s elite.

USC is one heck of a team and one heck of a program. Head coach Pete Carroll knows how to win, and he always seems to get the best of his men regardless of how young or experienced they are. Still, their lackluster effort at home vs. Idaho leaves a little cause for concern. This team is no doubt littered with talent throughout its roster, but its young talent, and Memorial Stadium just might turn a bunch of their youngsters into deer staring right at a pair of bright lights.

The key to this game will be the play of Huskers QB Sam Keller who has faced the Trojans in the past from his days at Arizona State. His last year there saw USC come back from a huge deficit and hand the Sun Devils an embarrassing defeat. These guys have to do their best to stay ahead of the chains behind the power running of RB Marlon Lucky, and Callahan has to call passing plays that will keep his QB confident for a full 60 minutes.

I’m really hoping this program is at the point where it can compete with a lesser version Trojans club. I guess we’ll find out after Saturday night.

Free Pick: Nebraska +10 (-110)