I have made it no secret that I am confidently betting on the Nebraska Cornhuskers to topple the Michigan State Spartans this weekend. Now I am going even a step further, as I have constructed a parlay bet sure to make you money.

Final Thoughts

I like the Nebraska Cornhuskers in this matchup as outlined in previous articles and in my SBR thread. I also have a lean toward the ‘UNDER’ play as well. 

Combining the TWO 5* bets and placing a 1.5* bet on Nebraska and Oklahoma to cover ATS as a straight two-team parlay. 

Nebraska CornhuskersMaking the Plays with Teasers

I know some of you like to play teasers and parlays. It has been a long time since I have added more financial risk to my releases and college football picks with teasers and parlays. However, for this game I will provide you with some different college football betting strategies to help you make the most out of this game. 

In addition to the pair of 5* wagers, I also like no more than a 3* amount playing a teaser with Nebraska and the ‘under’. Moreover, you can add no more than a 2* amount parlaying Nebraska and the ‘under’. Based on my money management methodologies and probabilistic grid, these equate to roughly an 8.5* bet on Nebraska or an 8.5 star bet on the ‘under’. 

Since you are asking, I like Nebraska quite a bit, so I would prefer to add 3.5* to the Nebraska bet and keep the 5*‘UNDER” in tact and only add the 3* teaser bet. This is my preferred recommendation for your consideration. 

Offensive Game Plans

I do believe that the game plans for both teams will be to run the ball first and this will make for a very short first half. A suggestion is to play the ‘under’ for the first half and see how the game goes. If that wins, it stands to reason that the ‘under’ would be a viable option for the second half as well. 

One of the best posters was SacHusker916, who brought some very meaningful insight to this game. “Nebraska, as stated above has a suspect defense and suspect offense....If Mich St gets any pressure on Martinez at QB its gonna result in Nebraska having to count on the run game and Michigan St has one of the better run D's as we all know.. Bottom line is Taylor Martinez at QB rarely wins a big game against a solid team, im struggling to name one actually and if you look at Mich St. this year, besides letting Wisconsin score 31 last week they dont allow many points, I think 14 was the most in the previous 5 weeks…” 

Michigan State SpartansAll very good, but quarterback Taylor Martinez is a Sophomore quarterback that is on a a very steep learning curve. He is 6-1 200 pounds with excellent speed and quickness. His reads have been that of a Sophomore experienced quarterback, but since the loss to Wisconsin this Nebraska team has played at a far better performance level. I do expect them to play their best game of the season and Martinez will have a big game. I realize this is in the minority of opinions that Nebraska cannot win with him under center. I can tell you that based on my already published articles the matchups heavily favor Nebraska in my opinion. 

One of these matchups will be based on the Spartan defensive scheme. I think we all will agree that they will put seven or eight men in the box and look to stop the Nebraska running game first. However, this opens up huge ball control pass opportunities that are very easy to execute - even for a Sophomore quarterback. 

Kyler Reed is the unexpected player I think will have his biggest game of the season. With eight men in the box, Reed will be matched up against a slower line backer and will be able to gain separation quickly with slant routes. He only has eight receptions for 165 yards on the season, but the Spartan defense may give him eight catches in this game.

Best of luck to all.