Here's an excerpt and video from Peter Loshak’s weekly Q&A at with Dr. Bob where they discussed the intriguing matchup between Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech.

Georgia Tech features an awesome option offense that gives opponents fits. Virginia Tech, however has been competitive with the best teams in the nation, and may be a legitimate Top 5 squad, due in large part to their defense. Dr. Bob points out, however, that the option offense immunizes teams that run it somewhat from the effects of their opponents’ defensive prowess, and he points out other teams that have run the option offense in the past and enjoyed success with it, at least from an ATS perspective.

Dr. Bob gets deep into the numbers and explains why he leans Virginia Tech -3 as well as the over. Listen to Dr. Bob’s in-depth analysis of this game, and check out the rest of his October 16th interview with Loshak on the message board HERE.